I have been selling for 3 years now. I have 6 kids and ..
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joleen's bows n more

I have been selling for 3 years now. I have 6 kids and boy can it get busy. All of my creations are hand made and handled with care. i give u a 100 % my word that u will love my creations. Joleens bows and more tries its best to make lil girls look over the top for a day in the park to a special day. I strive to make to most amazing bows and i very very much hope u like my items. no one bow will ever be alike and ur angel will always be wearing a one of a kid over the top bow.

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Shipping and Returns

Shipping is 3.00 and a addtional .50 cents with another item. i dont not ship to canada.

Returns; I dont accept returns. what u see in the picture is what u will get. If you want ur item shipped with insurance let me know to insure there are no lost and broken items in the box.

no returns please.

Each bow, tutu set, or onesie is custom made . I make sure item is free of frays, tears, and is .not broken.

no returns please

I don not accept returns. all items are custom made. only way i will refund it item is damaged . i sew everyting so i make completly sure and test all of my material

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