My name is Deanna Young and I am a crochet addict. You..
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The Yarn Yogi

My name is Deanna Young and I am a crochet addict.

You can also find me at The Yarn Yogi Etsy Store and Deanna Young Designs on Ravelry and Craftsy .

I call myself a crochet fashion designer. I think I can call myself that because that is what I do with the majority of my time. If I am not crocheting, sketching, swatching and surfing the web for inspiration, I am thinking about crochet design. While most people are up all night worrying about their finances (I admit I do that sometimes), I am losing sleep over what stitch pattern I am going to use for my next shrug design.

Other things I have to do/be: Wife, Mother, Office Manager for, part-time Yoga Instructor, Household CEO, CFO, COO and Janitor.

I am also a nerd! I am a lifelong Trekkie or Trekkor (whatever) but I hate Star Trek Conventions. I am a Frank Herbert Dune Fanatic and I will go up against anyone on Dune references.

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