Discover 5 Easy Ways to Wear Pastels This Season
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 9 Feb 2018
This season is the best time to have fun with soft pastels. Spotting pastel on the New York Fashion Week definitely hints something and marks the trend this Spring. If you are all about the vibrant hues, give them a break and give pastels a try. They are sweet and soft hues that lends a drop of feminine flair to the ensemble. Read on to discover 5 ways to wear pastels this season!

1. Different Shades of Similar Pastel Tone

I love the way how Blair plays around with pastel pink. She coordinates the lighter and darker shade of pink pastel perfectly from the blazer top, tulle skirt and the pumps, It matches all seamlessly without feeling too bland or flat with just one tone.

Here we have coordinated the feminine tulle skirt with a sweater top to offset with a slightly sporty feel. Adding some lush look with its fur detailing on the sleeves. Matched with similar tones of pastel pink for a totally sweet look.

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$35.99 USD (Promo price)

2. Contrasting Bold Colours

Source: Galantgirl

Ellena's step in matching pastel blue with hot red is certainly a bold step to take. You may feel sceptical about how it'll turn out, just like me. With great surprise, she has nailed it perfectly as the ensemble is pleasant and attention seeking. By looking at the picture above, those doubts are instantly wiped away. It turns out pretty good how the soft pastel blue blends in with the overpowering red.

So here we have a pastel blue ruffled top matched with off-white trousers and give it all out with fiery red bag and pointed heels to emulate Ellena's cool combination.

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$17.60 USD (Promo Price)

3. Black & White - or Any Neutrals

If you do not any other shades of pastels that you think you can blend in with, start off with black and white or any neutral colours! I'm pretty sure they are the staples every girl has in their wardrobe. So just wear like how you would always wear and topped it over with a pastel blue coat. Simple? Yup, it totally is. Especially matching it with black, it totally brings the soft pastel to life!

Check out the coordination here. a simple plain tee with a pair of embroidered black jeans and topped over with a pastel blue lapel coat. For the bag, I have blended in another pastel pink in for a sweet addition. Feel free to add any other pastels to keep your ensemble fun.

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$24.99 USD

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4. Pastel + Florals

Pastel looks great with florals. The dress above shows it all with a floral embroidered pastel dress gives off a vintage and sweet look. If you are not into florals, no worries match pastels with any other patterns like gingham, stripes, or polka dots!

Here is a coordination ready for a dinner date. The satin soft pastel top adds a touch of luxe while complementing with a floral pencil skirt. This pencil skirt shows off your gorgeous curves with its body-skimming fit that works from desk to dinner. Most importantly, the floral pencil skirt cost only $10! An amazing deal you should not miss! Finally, finished off with a chained bag and a pair of lace-up heels.

$20.00 USD

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5. Pastel Accessories

Another way to try pastel is wearing them as accessories. Blair matched its floral maxi dress with pastel blue accessories from the sunnies, bag to the heels. They are a great way to start wearing pastels.

For a simple casual outfit that fits for classes or weekday outings, here we have an embroidered tee matched with frayed denim shorts. The pastel purple comes in with a backpack and a rivet caged flats. Voila!

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