Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for Modern Weddings
Posted by Luulla Admin Saturday 26 May 2018
Making all your bridesmaids put on the same bridesmaid dress, same jewellery, same shoes and with the same hairdo is now a thing of the past. If you're a modern bride who dismisses traditional wedding styles and ideas, here's a take on mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Instead of searching for that ONE magical colour and dress style which will flatter everyone, let each and everyone of your bridesmaids show off their personal styles with these unconventional dresses. Allow them to feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day too and here are a few ways you can let their individual personalities shine;

A) Same Dress, Different Colour

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B) Same Colour, Different Dress Styles

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C) Different Dress Styles and Different Colours

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While we love the idea of simply setting a few simple rules and giving everyone the freedom to choose their dress for that effortlessly unified look, it does require a little planning and strategy to pull off the look. After all, you don't want to end up with a confused-looking bridal party.

Tips on How to Mix and Match Bridesmaids

1. Choose one consistent dress element

The rule of thumb is to have atleast one consistent element such as fabric, colour and neckline. While some of the rules say mismatched bridesmaid dresses work when the variation is no more than two elements, I think the main idea to pull it off is to make sure all together, the entire selection is complimentary. They can be different as different as you like but it requires a bit of strategy to create a cohesive look. Try not to vary too many features! Less is more.

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Coordinate the look with identical accessories. Consider statement necklaces for a uniform accessory look. They'd make great bridesmaid gifts too!

2. Wear dresses of the same colour family

Examine the colour and swatches. You should be able to describe the varying shades with one word like pastels, metallics, reds or blues. Besides, your idea of pink can be different from each have in mind. Did you mean salmon pink? Pastel pink? Fuchsia pink? Whether they are all in same colour, a blend of different hues or an ombre blend, the colours should be complimenting and doesn't conflict with one another.

3. Consider the hemlines

You don't want to end up with awkward photos where all of your bridesmaids are in floor-length dresses except for one. If you're planning to mix-and-match with dresses of varying length, try balancing the options like 3 with knee-length dresses and 3 with floor length gowns.

4. Bride to set the guidelines and the bridesmaids should select the dress.

Now, be honest with yourself. Is there a specific look you are trying to achieve or is your concern about letting your bridesmaids be comfortable with what they are wearing? Would it be fine with you if it turns out different from what you expect? While you like the idea of making everyone happy on your big day, it's best not to be too relaxed with your vision. Consider sticking to one designer and share your colours, swatches and fabric type with them, giving them a limited option of 1 to 5 colour palettes to have atleast one element of uniformity.

5. Finding Dresses the Ladies will "Wear Again" - Convertible Dresses

If you're looking for a versatile dress that your bridesmaids can wear again for different occasion without looking like the look has been 'recycled', going for convertible dresses is another option. Most likely these dresses would not end up in the donation box. A big plus to selecting these multi-style dresses is that they would already have common elements to tie the look together. One inter-wedding conflict less!

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6. Tie the look together with the same flowers.

It's all about colour play and flowers make great final finishing touches. You may consider getting simple bouquets in tones and hues that complement the colour scheme. Or, there are always flower crowns!

How Celebrities Do Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Instagram: rachelbilson

Floral prints and elegant floor-length dresses, the bridesmaids squad nailed it. Loving the Spring vibes!


It's easy to fall in love with the romantic shades of blue. The identical floral prints, hand bouquets and use of soft fabric is a great way to tie the look look together.