The Bra and Shapewear Guide For Dresses
Posted by LuullaAdmin Tuesday 10 Apr 2018
Do you hate those hideous VPL -visible panty lines- when you put on a bodycon dresses? Not getting the same eye-popping drama you expect to see when you put on a similar dress as the one on a mannequin? Yeah, they're problems most flat chested girls or anyone on the *A team* can relate. While some people spend tons of cash on branded lingerie or ones with fancy prints and patterns to give a sneak peek of what's underneath that dress, sometimes we'd still want them hidden for a more natural look. Though some dresses with different silhouettes and necklines don't make it an easier (Like a backless dress, ugh.)

When the traditional underwire bra failed you, thank god you have alternative options. So, this is a simple guide on how to give those bodacious tatas of yours a lift without going for a boob job. A cheat sheet on how to find the right bra and shapewear that's perfectly suited to your dress. You'll see why undergarments should a every girls's best friend especially when they perk you up!

1.Strapless Dresses
Options: Strapless lingerie set, stick on bras with drawstrings

Say goodbye to VPL and hello to this magic bra solution: SEAMLESS UNDERWEAR. For women who are opting for larger breast, the bra offers a lift in a natural looking way. They're super comfortable and soft as well.

$20.69 USD

Another great alternative to strapless bra is this adhesive strapless push up bra. Equipped with a drawstring closure which you can pull to bring your breast closer to give you a little extra cleavage. It just sticks to your boobs with its skin-friendly gel. You'll be thinking you've go commando because of it's lightweight.

$19.00 USD

2. Backless Halters
Options: Adhesive stick one bras with removable straps, silicone pasties, stick on bras with drawstrings

You like the legit support that bras can offer but also liking the stick-on bra? This one comes with convertible straps that give you the best of both worlds. Tho they would only work better for women with smaller breasts. Pack one eith you when you set off for a vacation and you'll find out how convenient it is!

$13.90 USD

3. Bandeau Plunge V
Options: Strapless bandeau V tube, silicone pasties

Similar to the strapless tube or bra, only that it's plunge V right at the sternum. Guarantee no nip slip.

$18.00 USD

4. Plunge V Front and Back Dresses
Options: V-neck bodysuit

Strapless bra are great but they will eventually slip. For longer lasting lift, try bodysuits which works as a bustier and of course, they won't be sliding down and risk embarrassment.

$19.99 USD

5. Off-Shoulder
Options: Strapless tube, strapless lingerie set, silicone pasties, stick on bras with drawstrings

This strapless tube cotton top offers a soft support that create a shapely bust line with a gently fitted feel. It gives you the comfort of a cropped camisole and crafted from breathable cotton.

$8.99 USD

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