Modern and Minimalist Geometric Hair Clips
Posted by LuullaAdmin Friday 13 Apr 2018
Say goodbye to bad hair days when you have this simple yet dainty hair accessory. No more spending hours on twisting and turning your hair, getting them stuck in knots and resulting a bald patch or something. Keep it simple and classy with these new season must-have hair accessories! These hair clips may look really plain but they would make the biggest statement of the year.

Don't believe me?

Watch this easy tutorial by Dearly Bethany on how to style your hair with a circle hair clip instead of getting these pretty clips tangled in your hair. By the end of the video, I'm sure you'd be convinced by how classy it looks.

These minimalist geometric hair clips are available in a few different styles. For girls who love shiny things, collect them all in 10 different styles or more! It would make a magpie purr in delight at the sight of these clips. It would transform any lazy hair into a stylish hairstyle with a loose, effortless effect. Made with brass and available in gold or silver, pick whichever one you like because neither of them shine less. Flawless hair in a jiffy!

Kelsey braided her hair and hold them together with this chic triangular clip for a little boho touch. She came up with 3 creative ways to wear the geometric clip; in twists, ponytail holder and crown braids.

It looks like a totally different clip but it's the same one. Unbelievably ethereal and how amazing even the tiniest detail can make a whole lot of difference!

Even if you don't wear hair accessories, get them for keeps sake! Can you imagine how stunning these minimalist pieces will look on your instagram?!

$ 6.99 USD

If you're falling in love with the look of the Dearly Bethany's hair style, create your very own now. Or if styling with a pin is too much hassle for you, there's a similar design with an easy secure fastening click. Whichever works for you. They're both so pretty and dainty!

$ 8.00 USD

For this romantic look, nothing that says it better than the moon. A perfect finishing touch to your date outfit when you clip on this delicate open shaped crescent hair accessory.

$ 6.99 USD

This diamond shaped one is another masterpiece! No wonder they say diamonds are girl's best friend especially when they're in the shape of this stunning hair clip. Well, it does give a little shine but this time, it's more of a muted metallic shine. Classy ain't it?

$ 9.00 USD

People would usually pick out any twigs in their hair but ...wait! This one is different. An exquisite hair clip that looks like a hair twig in the hair. Amazing how this effortless sense of style would even pull off as a bridal look when you get a few of these. Try branching out a few different styles and you'll get what I mean.

$ 6.99 USD

Get endless compliments with this infinity shaped clip... or is it a lucky number 8? Bad at maths. Don't know, don't care but loving the style a lot!

$ 6.99 USD

Another version of the hair pin to get. You will be bringing your accessorizing game and hair styling skills to a whole new level with this gorgeous hair clip finished with its polished gold or silver tone finishes. This triangular hair pin comes with a cross arrow for a unique spin.

$6.99 USD

These neutral-looking hair clips with a minimalism decor style are made for you if you enjoy that immaculate look but don't like styling your hair. See how effortlessly chic!

$ 6.99 USD (each)

This pretty little thing is perfect for both work and play thanks to its clean,tidy appearance.

$ 6.99 USD

Must get this unicorn hair clip! The fun clip is a must have to feel magical.

$6.99 USD