10 Reasons to Open a Luulla Store
Posted by LuullaAdmin Friday 29 Jun 2018
The idea of setting up your very own online store to make money in the comfort of your home and pyjamas sounds promising but it does poses its challenges. Whether you are scared off by the insufficient knowledge in terms of the technicalities of managing your e-commerce store, driving traffic or financial restrictions, don't let these fears hinder your ambitions. Setting up your very own online store couldn't get easier especially when you get started with Luulla. All the tools you need will be at your disposal and you can leave it to them to do the heavy lifting for you! The only thing you have to do is source for product and Luulla will handle the rest including generating a continuous stream of traffic from users worldwide to your listings.

Yes, you've probably heard of similar e-commerce sites like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and many, many more. These giant e-commerce marketplaces sound amazing but wait till you see what Luulla has to offer. Established since 2011, Luulla aims to be one of the most powerful global marketplace for shopping and selling products online. The company has been connecting people around the world - US, UK, Australia and Asia Pacific. Luulla is committed to offer you top notch assistance and spectacular service that's comparable to other e-commerce platforms and if not, it's better.

This is your chance to bring your brand to life. Whether you are selling as an individual who's looking to double up your monthly income, launching a dropshipping business or a hobbyist who enjoys sharing his or her passion with world, Luulla welcomes people from all walks of life.

While the main categories that Luulla promotes has a lot to do with fashion and clothing for teens, there are still a large number of sellers onboard who have a niche in handmade items, arts and crafts, home decor and other non-fashion related categories. Here in Luulla, the community appreciates diversification and values people with different interests and passion.

Check out some of these stores with all things handmade:

With the standard pages ready, an easy-to-understand interface with a full list of seller tools all set up for and once you have done the necessary such as customizing your store front, connect a payment gateway and whatnots, congratulations! You officially have a fully functional store to generate sales. I suggest you to bookmark this comprehensive step by step guide on what to do after opening your Luulla store.

Establishing your very own business entity is not impossible but it is indeed very challenging with a tedious amount of workload especially for a first timer. You will need your own business entity as you grow bigger but if you are new to the world of e-commerce, Luulla is a great place to start. If you have not signed up for a Luulla account and start selling, here are the benefits you are missing out:

1. Reaching out to a large number of potential customers

Luulla has proven to help many individuals and brands to increase sales and reach new customers. With an incredibly high number of page views a month on both desktop and mobile web, sellers onboard are sure to have more exposure compared to setting up an individual e-commerce business or website. To gain more social impact, you can easily link your Luulla store to your Facebook page.

Plus, the custom editorial support team behind the scenes are working hard to assist sellers on SEO optimisation.

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This effort helps your business to rank higher on the Google search result page. People pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to get it right but Luulla will find ways to boost your store for you.

2. Availability on all platforms

Luulla offers convenience and speed to its users because we understand the value of your time. You have accessibility to your account on all platforms as the app is compatible with Android and Apple electronics; desktops, mobile web, phones and tablets.

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The best part is, the app is FREE to download! Bug fixes are carried out very often and frequent updates are made to the app for streamlined and maximized performance every day.

For bug reporting and feedback, email:

Learn more about the Luulla app here.

3. Faster customer check out experience

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In a normal check out process, Luulla convert your buyers in only three clicks. With major improvement over the years to reduce friction at the checkout process, they have made the checkout process faster and easier. Buyers are only ONE CLICK away to make a purchase with the new Buy It Now button. Expedited checkouts and fewer abandoned carts would lead to improved sales.

4. Supports up to 24 types of international currencies

No coding or setup required, Luulla store has an in-built currency localizer. This feature enhancement reduces customer frustration and the rate of cart abandonment by displaying the customer's local currency. As a global marketplace, our customers may come from various parts of the world.

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While your items listed will be in USD, this currency conversion feature supports up to 24 types of international currencies and it enables customers to view your listing in their preferred currency by selecting from a dropdown menu.

5. Gives you the ability to charge at competitive prices

Not sure how to price your items? In a marketplace with millions of inventories, your customers may find the same product from another savvy seller who is selling at a fraction of your price. You are in charge of our own margins. However, the challenge is setting an optimum price without sacrificing a huge chunk of your margin.

Luulla responded with a solution to this common issue by launching the seller notification feature. You are not bound to the suggested price and now, you can easily decide whether to mark up or down on your own to the best performing range.

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6. Coupon codes and discount events

Many sites are offering discount apps at a fee because well.. everyone knows the power of a good promotion.

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You can utilize Luulla's very own classic discount feature for free! With it, you can create site wide sales or offer coupon codes in just a few clicks. You can create urgency with limited time offers as part of your pricing strategy.

7. Quick shipping setup

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This helps you to save time and it answers the common question of "How long does shipping take?". Luulla is looking to automate monotonous processes and tasks with the quick shipping setup. Save your most commonly used shipping information including the cost and time and it will be automatically shown and calculated whenever buyers make the purchase.

8. Robust store and sale statistics

Get the bigger picture of how well your store is doing with statistics updated every 24 hours.

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Knowing your metrics is essential to sales growth which is why Luulla schedules daily sales report, number of views, source of traffic and everything else that you need to know in order to reach your goals. The statistics are simple and straightforward, making it easier to track and control your sales.

9. Excellent customer support, feedback and resolution center

If you face any issues or in need of assistance to handle emergency situations, you are backed up by a responsive customer support team and resolution center.

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You are well protected from with the help of their effective and excellent customer service. Customers find the answers themselves by submitting a ticket to customer support and they will receive an appropriate response within 24 hours.This will save you a tremendous amount of time and allows you place more focus on other priorities.

Note: Buyers who have enquiries about their purchases can drop an email at

10. Luulla has got A LOT MORE to offer. COMING SOON!

Like what you're getting? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Luulla has yet to announce a whole lot more of cool features, programmes and rewards to their customers. Expect more perks to come considering that fact that the company is continuously improving and upgrading features on its existing platforms. Stay tune and be prepared for more new features, deal savers and benefits that are simply legendary. It might be the next life changing app that's about to transform the meaning of social shopping and we'd want to you to be the first few people to be part of this transformation.

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