How to Add Brand Personality That Resonates
Posted by Luulla Admin Friday 6 Jul 2018
Do you ever think about why certain people stand out in a crowd and seem to have the largest group of friends? For sure, they are the ones who have a magnetic personality. They probably are fun to be around, they make others feel good, they can create great conversations, or maybe the answer can be as easy as we just simply like them. In short, these facts just come to one conclusion which is personality is the main cause why we are attracted to certain people. The same theory applies with a brand as well, which is exactly why you need to add brand personality that resonates to your brand especially for your small business. With brand personality, you can distinguish yourself easily among other competitors. People get to remember your product or services and most important is it makes people loyal and stick with your brand and also tell others about you.

Keep reading and look at why a powerful brand personality matters, and how you can create an identity and persona for your company that really resonates with your customers.

So, how can I add personality to my store?

1. Create a visual of your brand in the form of a logo / theme

The easiest way to add personality to your brand is creating a visual. A strong brand is a visually stunning brand. In this very visual world, painting this picture for your customers and prospects helps keep you top of their minds. I'm guessing at least 99.99% of people could recognize and name the logos above. If you have your own website, the theme you choose for also plays a major part. For instance, your theme can shows whether you are a bold and loud brand or a minimalist contemporary brand.

2. Take photography into your account

When comes to visual of your brand, photography is a true workhorse shaping the look and feel of your store, sometimes even more so than your visual branding decisions.

2a) Take good product photographs
In terms of photography, product photograph plays an extremely vital role. It is not just aesthetics we are talking about, showcasing your products with high-quality images will be the winning difference between a conversion and no sale at all. This is even more important if you are distributing your products on marketplace sites such as Luulla. This is due to the product photos can be one of the key strengths to differentiate yourself in the huge pool of competitors.

It is not necessarily to own a professional camera to take good photographs. All you need is a smartphone and you are good to go.

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2b) Take good brand photographs

Photographing your products is one thing, but there are other key areas where photography can help in building your store's brand. For instance your About page, Home page or even your Blog and Social Media Accounts. In those places, it is not necessarily for you to stick to just product images, you could make use of brand photography comes in. For instance, you could include photos of you and your working partners, your workspace, or any images that speak to the overall lifestyle you want to evoke with your products and your brand. Aside from these, you could also use User Generated Content. For example, photos of customers using or wearing your products. All of these photographs help your potential customers to imagine themselves using your products.

3. Tell a story

While you do not need to tell your brand's story on every page, but there are several places where it should take center stage. Your About page and social media accounts bio are those places. Unfortunately, these pages are too often treated as an obligation rather than an opportunity to connect with customers by selling your story, your vision, your mission, and what makes you, YOU. However, this mindset has to be correct. Remember harnessing the power of storytelling can really help capture your audience's attention and strike an emotional chord, which is unparalleled when it comes to forming bonds and building strong customer relationships.

For instance, Lego came out an animated video telling their audience, how they started and transform their business to the Lego you see today.
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4. Write good product descriptions for all your listing

Everyone can write product descriptions, isn't it just writing a few descriptors here, sprinkle some adjectives there, and you are done. However, in order to write a good and convincing product descriptions, the words you choose are extremely important as they reflect the value your brand conveys. Besides, those words also set a tone for your brand. If you choose poorly, you will hurt your reputation. Not to mention your conversions, too. However there is one thing to keep in mind. Whatever you do, do not ever leave your product description as blank as your mind. You need to write them because it is a persuasive way to sell your products to your ideal buyer. No customers would want to buy a product without details, specifications or any information about it. Especially when you are selling online and your buyers could not get a feel of the products in their hands. If you think you are bad in writing, hire a copywriter to write it, if not keep it simple so your sentences will not have any major grammar or structure mistakes.

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5. Get customers and influencers to work with your brand
A strong brand is a talked-about brand. Recruiting fans to help with brand strengthening efforts can yield faster and larger results. For instance, encourage your customers to create online reviews for the products they purchased go a long way. Apart from these, you can also collaborate with influencers that fits with your brand values. Your influencers can tweet, shout, snap, and talk about your brand on social media accounts or their self hosted blog. Having this following adds credibility and piques interest among your target audience.

6. Don't forget about everyday interactions

Your brand's personality will be defined in large part by how you communicate with others. Communication does not just need to come from billboards only. In the era of modern technology, one of the most important tools to interact with potential customers is social media. Set a tone that best reflect your brand whenever you interact with individuals on social medias. It can be witty and / or humorous, or it can be provocative but make sure you keep it family-friendly. Everybody who in any way presents a face for the company should be fully aware of what is expected of them and how to maintain the brand identity at all times.

In conclusion, your brand is never just one thing. You will need to take in all aspects ranging from visual of your brand such as logo and theme, product photography, brand photography, your story, product description, your collaboration and interactions into account to have a brand personality that resonates and make customers loyal to your brand.