Fashion Approved Ways to Wear Statement Earrings
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 6 Jul 2018
We believe that every ensemble comes with perfect finishing touches and one of them would be jewelry. Sometimes you may be done with styling your outfits, but there is just a missing piece waiting for you to fill in. Statement earrings might be that missing piece! Some of you may cast doubt on how well these statement earrings would turn out, but trust me it only requires one tiny step to change your whole perspective!

We can totally spot statement earrings on the runways, fashion magazines to celebrities, all of which shows no sign of fading anytime soon. You would be surprised how fun these statement earrings can be.

As you landed on this article, this shows it is time for you to break away your everyday style and create a bombshell look with these statement earrings. Do not fret, read on to find out the fashion approved ways to wear statement earrings.

1. Style your hair right

The way you get your hair styled plays a significant role on how your statement earrings would turn out to be. I believe that wearing these statement earrings would simply mean they are gonna be the highlight of your entire ensemble. So it is best to keep the focus right and keep them complement well with each other and not otherwise.

The key to nail the statement earrings, would be an up-do, be it a chic messy bun, a side ponytail, side braids, half-up and half-down or chignon bun. This is the safest way to start off with.

A high bun gives a chic ballerina kind of feel. But if you do not have the length or the volume, to begin with, try loose chignon bun. It really pulls off a casual sleek look.

If you want a quick solution, do not think twice and head on for a ponytail. See how Jessica (below) elevates the ponytail with a metal hairband and leave a few strands of hair on the sides. Boom there goes a look for a semi-formal event!

If you have a medium or shoulder length hairstyles, try out the half-up and half down hairstyle for a feminine look. Or leave it down and tuck your hair back behind your ears. I love how Courtney teamed the red statement earrings with bold red lipstick for a standout look. You can try this out!

2. Balance is key

With statement earrings, you definitely do not wanna overdo it. Let the earrings alone to the drama to your outfits and set them off with simpler outfits would keep you on the safe side. You can start off with neutral colours like white and black.

Pastel is a hit as well. A simple way to tone it down, giving a smooth flow of attention from the top to the heels. I love the way she blends them well for a dreamy pastel aura.

How about patterned outfits, your closet obviously does not call for plain ones only. You can also make statement with them too. Check out the next point to discover how.

3. Mix and Match Colours

We love to keep every piece together in an ensemble. One of the best way to guarantee that is by matching your earrings with one of the colours on your outfits, keep one tone uniformed for a matchy-matchy look. Just like how Julia (Gal Meets Glam) does it. To keep things simple and sweet, she matched her white maxi dress with a pop of pastel pink accessories from the earrings, bags to the heels. How simple is that!

Monochromatic Style. When it comes to monochromatic outfits, it is true that is sound simple as it seems, just pick one colour and you are all done. But the trick here is to have it in several shades of the same tone added with different textures to bring out the details rather than a flat look. I love how Hoang-Kim pulls off the pink monochromatic outfits. She knows how to add textures and details and matched with two-tone beaded statement earrings.

Head on to the next level with primary colours. Here is a bold move for girls to try if blending in is too mainstream. Or simply because we do not own a whole closet of earrings in all shades of colours to match from. So this trick would save up the day. The primary colours are mainly blue, red and yellow. We can see how viva luxury (above) and Southern Drawl (below) nailed it.

4. Necklines

Well to be honest, when it comes to necklines, statements earrings can practically match well with any of them. As you scroll through the pictures above, statement earrings complement well with high necks, shoulder-baring off-shoulders to plunging Vs. I guess that is why statement earrings are so loveable among them all. So phew, a less detail to take care of when styling these earrings.

5. Trends
Fur-tastic Earrings

Make a mark with these furry earrings. Super soft and fluffy. They do not need to hibernate, they are trendy throughout the year!

$7.99 USD

$8.99 USD

Pom It Up

Pom poms are everywhere especially this summer where they are dominating the scenes no matter on bags, tops, shoes, so why not earrings too?! Embrace them for a playful hint on your ensemble. They are eye-catching and cute, a perfect piece to add a touch of bright on this season. Summer is all about colours!

$11.88 USD

$5.99 USD

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are definitely not going anywhere. They are absolutely versatile with a hint of retro charm that goes well with minis, skirts, skinnies to dresses. It is time to think outside of the circle. There are various styles for hoop earrings itself. So play around with textures, colours, wrapped fabric, sizes and many more. Check out what we have for you!

$5.99 USD

$27.00 USD

$5.99 USD

$58.00 USD

Tassel Earrings

Your earring collection can never be complete without tassel earrings. They absolutely add enticing movements to your ensemble and adds the perfect extra oomph. They helped in framing the face perfectly. Let them all do the talking, no extra accessory needed.

$7.00 USD

$5.99 USD

$10.00 USD

Minimalist Geometrics

If all of the above is a big step for you to leap into, start with these minimalist geometrical earrings. They are perfect for beginners. Simple and sleek. Do not call much for attention and versatile with any outfit of yours with its classic gold or silver finish. From diamond shapes, circular to star shapes. Try them all!

$5.99 USD

$5.99 USD

$5.99 USD

So here are some of the fashion approved ways to wear statement earrings and trends that you can start off with to make a statement this season. Do not be afraid to try different styles because you are gonna own your style your way! Try them out and share with us how you style them.