Cool Character-Inspired Halloween Outfits to Try
Posted by Shu Wen Saturday 29 Sep 2018
The spooky night is just around the corner. Aren't you excited for some treat or trick this year? If you have any character you love, this time is the best opportunity to dress up and walk around like a boss. Whether you are into cute, inspiring, feminism or scary characters, we have them all here for you. Or you haven't got a clue, here is where you can get inspiration. Easy to match and get costumes to celebrate this holiday this year. Read on to find out more.

#1 Mary Poppins

Have been dreaming of becoming like Mary Poppins? In real life, you can be too. Mary Poppins has been a well-loved character by many. Gentle, humorous, caring and yet stern when needed. Here we have a soft chiffon blouse with a bow tie for a soft touch. Matched with a patent leather skirt and black stockings. Then completed with a multipurpose bag (as the magic bag) and a pair of black ankle boots. Of course, it would not be complete with an umbrella for the magical touch.

$19.99 USD

$17.99 USD (Promo Price)

$8.99 USD

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$46.00 USD

#Cruella de Vil

Have a love for the Dalmatians? Play the antagonist as the Cruella de Vil. Get the posh and glam by topping over your black top with a faux fur coat. We have it matched with a black and white leggings which appears to be her trademark hairstyle. Instead of the hair, we have it on the bottoms. If you would like to go for the extra mile, head on and find for the wig. Lastly, coordinated with a fur bag for some dalmation-like dots.

$18.00 USD

$27.99 USD

$15.00 USD

$33.00 USD

#3 Minnie Mouse

Who's in love with the Disney Minnie and Mickey mouse characters? Channel your childhood or even present love for Minnie by dressing up as on this occasion. Not difficult at all to be into this character and exteriorly dress up. All you need is a black blouse. Paired with a polka dot tutu skirt for some feminine flair. Accessorize with a cute bow headband and a pair of yellow pumps and you are good to go. You can also go for couple costumes as well with Minnie and Mickey together. If you do not have a partner to go matchy-matchy with, no worries, we have got you with a Mickey bag that will keep you company and sweet!

$20.00 USD (Promo Price)

$15.00 USD

$22.00 USD

$26.99 USD

$39.99 USD

#4 Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is the a fictional character that portrays as a symbol of American feminism featured in the propaganda campaign. During the World War II, these women are encouraged to work outside of homes, replacing the men who has been utilized in the army. So Rosie is a strong character. Not undermined by being a female because we too can do it as well. For this strong personality and character, we have coordinated a denim sleeveless top with a front tie detailing and a pair of skinny jeans. Finish off with a red turban headband and a pair of Martin boots for a hint of masculinity.

$21.82 USD (Promo Price)

$37.00 USD

$11.50 USD

$32.99 USD

#5 Harley Quinn

Looking for something wild? Harley Quinn is the answer to your hearts. Go wild with her crime-filled life, a little crazy and fun through this ensemble. Here we have a slogan tee matched with frayed hem shorts with tassel detailing. Add a dash of fun with this colourful pop and lips print jacket and accessorize with a punk rivet bracelet and a pair of red sneakers to complete the Harley Quinn vibe. get your hair sprayed and tie them into two ponytails and voila!

Boy Bye Graphic Tee
$12.00 USD

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$32.00 USD

$10.00 USD

$24.99 USD

#6 Wednesday Addams

Are you a fan of the supernatural black comedy of The Addams Family? You get some spookiness together with laughter when watching it. Wanna have a dark personality like Wednesday? She's a child full of mystery, quiet and emotionless. Bring this character to life effortlessly with a black dress featuring a white lace collar. Then, wear it with a pair of black socks and a pair of black flats. For hairstyle, tie the twin braids. And that's it!

$28.99 USD

$8.00 USD

$31.50 USD (Promo Price)

#7 Holly Golightly

One of the iconic character on screen from Breakfast at Tiffany's starred by Audrey Hepburn. There is so much to love about her. From witty, elegant, attractive to fashionable. Emulate Holly Golightly with an elegant black dress. Slip into lace gloves and accessorize with pearl necklace and headpiece for the vintage touch. Lastly, slip into a pair of delicate ankle strap pumps and a pair of retro sunglasses.

$17.99 USD

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$8.99 USD

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