Cool DIY Letterboard You Can Try
Posted by Shu Wen Saturday 1 Dec 2018
If you have not come across what letterboard is, now it is the best time! Letterboard is like the modern version of chalkboard that we used to play with since young. If you are a fan of quotes, wall display or inspiring words, letterboard is the next thing that you will fall in love with! They are absolutely versatile and easy to use.

Here we are gonna show you on what are the creative ways we can use them, how to make it and useful tips on how to use the letterboard.

Creative ways you can use a letterboard

1. Home decor

Letterboard has been one of the trending items in homes. They are easy to match with any theme and interior styles and fun to play around with. You can have them on your shelves or mantel, table top, wall and entryway.

2. Inspiring words

It can be inspiring quotes of the week, bible verse or positive words that add optimism to your day the moment you wake up or walk out of the house. It can be as simple as "Thank God for another day" or "Today is gonna be a good day". By reading and seeing them, this would help to lift up your mood and start your day right.

3. Menu of the day

Spice up your menu, plan for the week or simply give your loved ones something to look forward to each day. If you are running a cafe or a restaurant, this letterboard would be a great idea especially when you change your menu weekly or frequently.

4. Important reminders

Have important reminders or urgent task to follow up with? Replace your sticky notes with this letterboard. Absolutely no waste and reusable at all times.

5. Celebrate special occasions

For weddings, birthdays or anniversary, this letterboard can serve as a welcoming sign, easel, displaying time and schedules, name of the events and many more.

6. Add some fun to your photos

When taking photos, you may have fun by holding the photos as your captions. It can be happy birthday, funny statements or anything creative that adds fun to the picture.

Got some ideas on how you wanna make full use of the letterboard? Start making one by learning from these simple steps.

How to make

Materials you need:

- Frame (buy one that is thick enough for the wooden dowels to fit under)
- Plastic Letters
- 0.125 inch Wooden Dowels (you can buy from a craft store)
- Felt
- Glue Gun
- Ruler


1. First prepare the dowels, cut them into lengths that fit the frame. Cut them into 12 pieces.

2. Take the back of the cardboard from the frame. Then, stick the dowels with hot glue on the cardboard and space them evenly as you stick them. You may use the alphabets as reference for the space.

3. Cut the felt with the same width as the frame. For the length, you can have it as long as possible as you will be pushing the felt into the space. Even if you run out of the felt, do not worry you can easily continue the length.

4. Apply a thin strip of glue in between the dowels. Then use a ruler and press down the felt in between the space.

5. Once you have stick the felt, fit it into the frame. And you are ready to place the alphabets and form beautiful quotes and words.

Tips on how to use a letterboard

Make sure words are centered

To ensure that your words are centered, measure your frame and make a mark with a marker both vertically and horizontally. Then, wrap a string around it according to the mark so that you would know where the centre is. Then start working from the centre towards the sides.

How to keep the letters and alphabets

To be organised, get a box with lots of dividers. There is where you can easily organise the same alphabets to ease search rather than putting all the alphabets together in a pouch.

You can tailor the letterboard to your own style. You can have it the minimalist black and white, vintage, and sweet looking ones.

Add die cuts and stickers

Wanna add some uniqueness to your letterboard? You can have fun by adding die cuts and stickers. They would be great addition of textures and colours to your letterboard.