New Year New Beginning Gift Guide
Posted by Shu Wen Monday 31 Dec 2018

Gifts have always formed an important part of our social and personal lives. Gifts are always one of the most trusted and reliable ways to convey our feelings and thoughts to the people we care about. From the ancient times, gifts have been something that has always managed to capture the attention of the person to whom they are dedicated. As per some of the traditions, the cavemen used to exchange gifts with each other as a token of their love and affection. Even when it comes to the modern times, the tradition of exchanging gifts is something which has managed to maintain its importance amidst the various technological and cultural advancements. 

Often when it comes to gifting a person, most of the people are confused regarding their choice of gift. They want that the gift chosen by them must be in accordance with the taste of the person and must also convey the right emotions. Well, it also depends on the kind of relationship that you share with the person. However, if you have a personal rapport with the person you are about to gift something and are unable of the perfect gift that would help you to communicate your emotions to the person appropriately, then have the word of an expert, handmade gifts are the best to make your special someone feel special. 

The magic of your hands

If you come to think about it, what is the reason behind giving a present? Well, by means of a gift, you are able to convey the right emotion of your heart to the person. it is a mere representation of the fact that you really care for the person and were thoughtful enough to take time out of your busy schedule to think of something that would be really useful for the person and would be a sure shot reminder of your constant presence in their lives. Choosing to give a handmade gift will do it all with extreme ease and you shall be able to communicate your good thoughts to the other person. 

If you feel that making a gift by using your own creativity and skills seems like a tough job and you shall not be able to pay attention to the intricacies, then fret not for this gift guide is for you. By means of this guide, you shall be enlightened about the creative and thoughtful gifting ideas that will not only convey the right emotion but will also give you a chance to show your own creativity. Since the new year signifies a new beginning, let us take this opportunity to appreciate our loved ones with special gifts. When it comes to making a present for a special person in your life, it is always advisable to take care of the interests and likes of the person. Here are a few tips to start off with your creative engines.

If your loved one is an interior lover

Well, who doesn't! All of us just love having the perfect artifacts to adorn our walls and cabinets. If the person whom you are about to give the gift is someone who loves to have unique and one-of-kind stuff in their living room, then you are at luck! All you have to do is look for some of the most beautiful ideas for the interiors of their rooms. In this respect, you can go for a handmade mirror. If you are just a beginner with making presents all by yourself, then this mirror can prove to be your ace of spades! Obviously, you do not have to literally make the mirror but have to decorate the borders of the mirror. This is to say that you can choose any of your favorite embellishments. But in case, you wish to play safe, then washi tape is your go-to solution. Choose the perfect combination of multiple washi tapes and create a perfect border for the mirror.

$8.99 USD

Here we have a unique 3D mirror wall sticker. A perfect addition to any blank wall at home with its perfect owl shape cutout. Comes in several colours like silver, gold, red and black.

Another great idea is to make candles at home. Aroma is something that has a soothing effect on people. If you wish to impress the person with some beautiful scented candles, then we must appreciate your choice. Making candles yourself also allows you to customize the fragrance as per the taste of the person. All you have to do is melt the wax on a medium to a low simmer and once it is done, you have to add different scents to the wax before it solidified again. There are several ways to make such candles. You can fill the wax in cute jars or bottles or buy candle holders. 

$57.00 USD

Add some bling to the romantic atmosphere with this crystal candle holder! Perfect for friends who are couples!

Pictures to capture the memory

Pictures have the power to say what cannot. If the person is really close to your heart, then here is a gift idea that you must certainly consider. However, you must make sure that you have a sufficient number of pictures with the person. You can make a beautiful collage of your pictures with them or can make an album where you can easily write all your thoughts about the person. Such gifts are extremely appreciated if the receiver is someone truly close to your heart. 

$36.00 USD


Here is a DIY photo album where it allows you be creative in your photos. Contains 30 pages of black papers. So stay creative in the way you arrange the photos and add cute stickers, decorations and words to make it even more personal!

For the food lovers

What if the person you are about to gift is someone who is an ardent food lover? Well, then your work becomes easier for now you do not have to worry about anything. All you need is good cooking skills and you are all set to impress the person with your gift! You can go for homemade cookies which shall be a perfect Christmas and new year present. You can also bake a delicious cake for them if it is their birthday. 

$19.99 USD

Have you heard of this cure SharPei cake mould? You can easily bake one with this mould. You can surprise this for friends who are dog lovers!

$19.00 USD

Not a fan of cake? Go for cookies with these cute panda cookie cutter. Easy to use and bring your baking to a whole new level!

Choose the gift as per the occasion

A major thing that has to be kept in mind is the fact that the choice of the gift must be in accordance with the occasion. This is to say that if you are planning to gift someone on the occasion of New Year, think of gifts that can help them with the New Year party or the decorations. You can choose handmade New Year lights or go for special cakes if you are confident of your baking skills. Similarly, if you are planning to give a Halloween present to your friend, you can think of something that invokes spookiness. You can go for something creative like the dinosaur eggs that have crafted beautiful or something that accentuates the decoration of their Halloween party! Rub off your creative instincts to make a perfect present wish from your own genie.

Making these DIY gifts in itself is a remarkable gesture of love and thoughtfulness. It makes you convey your thoughts to the person who is about to receive the gift. With the help of these gifts, you can easily show off your skills as a master planner for any occasion. A handmade gift can be easily distinguished from other gifts as it will speak for itself. You have put in your effort and your thoughts which ensures that they shall be rightly conveyed to the person. Moreover, these gifts are highly functional for you have given due importance to the likes and interests of the person. 

Thus, with the help of these handmade gifts, you can easily find the perfect gifting option for someone special. These handmade gifts are a winner, no matter what the occasion is. Choosing and making a present for someone you love is evidence of your emotions for the person. So, what are you waiting for? Make someone feel really special with a beautiful piece this coming New Year!