6 Essential Wedding Accessories For Brides
Posted by Shu Wen Monday 15 Apr 2019
Wedding day is the big day in every girl's dream. Of course, you would not want to miss any detail and ensure everything is in place and checked for the wedding day! It is definitely gonna be overwhelmed for every bride as the day comes closer because it is all about decisions, decisions and decisions, from the wedding venue, wedding guests attendance, decoration to the bridal dress, there is sooo much to be confirmed and get them in ready. Well those details are important however your whole ensemble is vital too as all eyes will be on you as you walk from the aisle to the night reception. It's YOUR DAY! So here is a short list of essential wedding accessories that every bride should not overlooked.

1. Hair Accessories

For the hair itself, there are also many things to consider, from the type of hairstyles, to let it all down, tie-down or tie them all up, or choosing the type of veils from elbow-length to grand cathedral length and the type of hair accessory to incorporate to the overall look. It really depends on the style you are going for, if you wish to go for a casual and simple look, let it down with curls at the end and embellish with a clip for some bling. If you wish to have a cinderella look, tie them all up in a bun and match them with your tiara.

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If you are into vintage feels, check out these handmade head accessories. Totally love the pastel combination of florals that is gonna look amazing no matter for a garden wedding or a rustic theme wedding!

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2. The Garter

This is the lucky piece. Do you know the history of garter, how it all comes about and what is it for? Garter is worn on the thigh just right above the knee. There is a belief that owning a piece of the bride's wedding dress brings good luck. Hence, there goes people going after the bride to rip off a piece from the wedding dress. So here comes the garter act as the lucky piece to be tossed by the groom to the single men at the reception. This is similar to bride tossing off their bouquet to the single ladies, just that this is for the men. So whoever gets it will be the next men tying the knot.

So some of the brides would love to pass on this wedding tradition and have something fun during the wedding. For this case, you would need to prepare extra one, one for tossing and another one for keepsake. If you feel uncomfortable having the guests looking at the groom fishing for the garter beneath the dress, then just hand the garter to your groom and that would work as well.

Or some would love to surprise their other half by wearing designs that means to both of them and as keepsake for memory to look back in the future.

Whichever reason that you decide to wear this garter, as long as it brings meaning to both of you and not just having it for the sake of having it because it is one of the "wedding things".

Check out our various styles of garter from elegant lace with pearl embellishments, something sweet and blue to sparkly ones. Have your pick for a memorable piece!

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3. A Cardigan or Cover Up

Little did you know these cardigan, shawl or cover ups would come in handy when the chills set in. Especially for weddings held during the chillier season, prepare something to wear it on. Maybe you might think it is not necessary or this might cover the top design of your wedding dress. Well, this is the moment that I have been waiting for to show off my beautiful dress, why cover? You wonder. Well that is true, but to keep yourself comfortable throughout the wedding session or reception should be your priority rather than shivering through the time.

Another reason when this is appealing to you is when you are having ceremony in a church and you want to keep your gown more reserved and have more coverage. Now, there are so many types of design, do not have to worry that these cover ups will spoil your look, they will certainly complement your gorgeous look as the bride. From capes, bolero to lovely lace cover ups, check them out here for more.

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4. Wedding Shoes

If you wish to save up and think that having two different pairs of wedding heels is unnecessary yet you wanna have some different feels for the day and night. Here is a way you can have the best of both worlds. These are the shoe clips you can count on for a new look. These ribbon clips add a touch of colour to your heels and a sweet delicate touch that elevates your morning or evening looks.

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5. Bridal Sash

Wanna add a little sparkle and additional slimming effect to your wedding dress? Go for these bridal sash that are delicately embellished with rhinestones or crystals that adds a sparkly touch to the waist while accentuating the small of your waist. They complement well on simple wedding dresses from full lace, tulle to soft chiffon dresses. Some brides love to go for coloured sash for some sweet touch.

It directs the focus to your waist no matter which silhouette of wedding dress you go for from princess ball gown to body-hugging mermaid silhouette. They are easy to tie and remove.

A little tip here on how to pick the sashes for your body shape. If you would like to create an illusion of a smaller waist, go for sashes that gathers at the centre that directs the eyes inward. If you do not want the sash to be the main focus, go for more delicate and less embellished ones.

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6. Gloves

Gloves used to be a staple in weddings however they are not a common accessory for the modern brides nowadays. Gloves are used to be worn as a symbol of grace or just to add a feminine touch to the overall bridal look. There are many types of gloves in terms of materials, lengths and designs. Pick the right type to complement well with your wedding dress.

Picking the right length of gloves is also crucial to ensure the proportion is balance. For short sleeved and cap sleeved dresses, go for the short gloves. While a strapless dress, you can go all out for opera gloves. For a modern touch, go for these fingerless gloves that also eases you as you exchange your rings and allowing you to show off your pretty manicures.

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