Practical and Unique Gift Guide for Mothers Day
Posted by Shu Wen Thursday 2 May 2019
Mothers are our role model, someone whom we can lean on through our ups and downs, someone who settles everything at home making sure that each of us gets the best comfort in every way from clothing to food and most importantly our best friend who supports and encourages us to become the best of who we are today. Mothers are extraordinary and no doubt their love too!

Mother's Day is near! wanna show some love and appreciation to your mum yet do not know where to start? Here is a useful mother's day gift guide for you that you can find something practical for your mum to be used daily, to ease her daily work or to glam her up for any occasions. Read on to find out more!

For mums who love jewelry

Get them these pretty necklace which they can wear on a daily basis. Be assured that these necklaces are gonna melt the heart of your mum. These necklaces are beautifully crafted, comes in various shape and sizes.

$9.99 USD

Love this intricate heart necklace with a tiny sparkle in the middle. It comes in gold or silver colour which makes it easy to match with any styles of clothing. Tip: how to choose between silver or gold. Mums with cool skin tone would look good in silver while mums with warm skin tone would look great in gold.

$34.00 USD

If your mum prefers something simple and customised, go for this option instead. The colour of the beads can be selected, they have a several choices of beads ranging from pearl, aqua, orange, pink, turquoise and green. Not only that, it also comes with beautiful packaging printed with appreciation note, making it look presentable and memorable.

$14.99 USD

If your mum looks something unique and you would want something different for your mum for a change style, you can go for this floral statement necklace. The floral comes in several tones of blue which balances the colour preventing it from looking dull and boring. This necklace is a perfect piece to elevate any plain outfits.

$15.99 USD

If your mum do not usually wear necklace, go for watches would be a safer choice. This wristwatch comes with a personal note which can be personalised from the options given. This watch is absolutely elegant decorated with sparkly beads on the diameter of the case suitable for both work and the weekend.

For mums who love coffee or tea

Keeping your mum good mood every day is the key! Since having a cup of coffee or a tea is part of their daily morning routine, let us make it more enjoyable for our mums.

$11.99 USD (Promo Price)

This is honestly a pretty cool invention, a self-stirring mug cup. Firstly, the mug keeps the drink warm. Secondly, it comes with a cover to keep the drink warm and prevent any particles from entering when not drinking. Thirdly and most importantly, you will only need to press the button on the handle and let the mug to the stirring work for you. Safe the spoon hassle. How convenient and practical!

$18.99 USD

Not a fan of coffee? A tea lover instead? This cute tea cup might appeal to your mum! Store your tea in the fish, once you have fully infused, easily remove it and enjoy your tea.

$4.99 USD

Want to make something your own to add meaning to your gift? Here is a simple tea cosy pattern that you can try. It is easy to knit suitable for beginners. No matter having a drink at home or take away a hot drink from outside, this coffee or tea cosy is gonna come in handy, a nice size and easily portable.

For Mums who love natural skincare products

You are what you eat? So does your skin! Pamper your mum with these natural skincare products. Handmade products made from natural ingredients, keeping your skin nourished and moisturized. She will definitely feel and notice the difference. We have different types of natural fragrance for your selection from calming to sweet and fruity ones, beautifully handmade.

$6.00 USD

$7.99 USD

For Mums who love to keep things organised

Does your mum love to keep things in place, everything has its designated place? If your mum loves tidiness and keeping things organised, here are some useful products that might appeal to her.

$20.99 USD

This storage box is gonna be useful and practical with its multiple compartments specifically for different types of jewelry from earrings, necklaces to bracelets. It is portable and its size is travel-friendly too. This jewelry box comes in several feminine colours.

$18.99 USD

While this storage box is unique with the bubbly top allowing your mum to easily locate her cosmetic products. The bottom can keep other jewelry together, stack it up, save space as well. How nice!

For mums who love extra warmth

Get your mum extra coverings and warmth with our wide selection of cardigans and scarves that come in various styles and patterns.

$25.00 USD

Add some sweet hint with this floral infinity scarf. This is a simple yet a fun scarf which your mum can play around with many different types of styles from long, short, knotted to many more.

$18.90 USD

If floral is not in your mum's fashion choice, go for this plaid patterned shawl. It does not only add warmth to the cooler season yet it adds a sense of style to any outfits of hers.

$4.99 USD

Those scarves are too common? Skip that and go for this Hudson River Cowl Pattern scarf. Fun to knit and most importantly it is gonna put a smile on your mum's face when she knows that this is beautifully made and knitted by you! This scarf design is also unique which makes it easy to wear around the neck, buttoned up keeping the neck warm while looking stylish with a sweater and a denim jacket.

So here are some of the mother's day gift ideas that you can look into. Some things may be simple yet as long as it comes from your heart, your mum will definitely appreciate it. Add on a personal and appreciation note and finish it with pretty wrapping and you are good to go!