Ways to Create a Summer Space At Home
Posted by Shu Wen Friday 12 Jul 2019
Summer is all about sunshine, cool breeze, laid back mood and cheery vibes. As we enter the summer in full swing, why not add the summer vibes to your homes. This would be the best time to spice things up by freshening up your space. Or wishing to have the summer feels throughout the year just because the summer season alone is not enough? Check out ways on how to add the summer feels to your home.

1. Add colours to your space- Let is be BRIGHT

If your home is currently decorated with darker shade of the tone, brighten them up with some pop of colours. You can start with the walls. If you worried the hassle of painting the outcome of might not appear to be what you think as it is. Try on some wall decals and stickers. They are absolutely pretty and easy to apply and tear down when you are bored of them.

$39.00 USD

Here is some tropical feels. Stick this mini palm tree on your wall. It does not only gives you the summer vibes, it also adds some greenery to your home. Well, at least a plant that you can keep alive!

$86.00 USD

If you are into minimalist style yet do not wanna lose the summery vibe, here is a colorful geometric wall sticker. It gives some artistic sense. Just stick to any of your walls that you feel that it needs a splash of colours, go for this as this would not disappoint you!

$85.00 USD

If you love to go for some unique and yet traditional touch, this talavera sticker is for you! Revamp your kitchen with these colourful vibes. It gives an illusion of each tiles being unique on its own and colours that does not make them overwhelming but perfect to the eyes. If you have a big space, good news! The size of the customisable to fit your desired space!

2. Florals and Greenery

These plants and florals adds not only the colours to your home but also add a a breath of fresh air, helping us to reduce stress and improving our overall well-being.

$8.15 USD

Take advantage of the natural light from the outside by switching your curtains with sheer material. This sheer curtain gives your home a light and airy effect while adding a feminine touch with its purple florals.

$14.99 USD

Love some real plants at home? Get creative with them with these rainy flower pot. You can choose to hang them on the wall or have them on the table. Fill the clouds with water and droplets of water will slowly fall as raindrops to keep your plant hydrated! How cool is that!

$15.00 USD

If you are not into real plants, you an totally invest in these artificial ones. They add a greenery touch and yet easy to manage with no hassle.

3. The Sandy Beach

If if you have a thing for blue, go for the beach theme. Blue depicts peace and a sense of tranquility that will transform your home's atmosphere right away. We have everything about the beach which you can decorate your home with.

$200.00 USD

Elevate your space right away with this beach decor seashell letters that are beautifully handmade with seashells collected from the Indian Ocean and Carribean. Pearls are also added for a touch of sparkle. If you are not a fan of pearls, ,no worries, you can totally request to have it without them. You can have them lean unto the wall or simply hang them as well. How convenient and versatile!

$250.00 USD

Get a unique mirror. This mirror is beautifully handmade with seashells and sea glass. The sea glass colours comes in several colours for selection. This mirror is truly a work of art, meticulously decorated and arranged with seashells and sea glass, no two are alike.

$30.00 USD

Whether your deck or stairs are empty or looking for something for a loosely drape effect? Go for these lovely seashell or nautical style garland. You can hang them on your Christmas tree as well!

$29.00 USD

4. Colourful Rugs

It is time to roll out the colourful rugs no matter in your kitchen, bathroom or living room. Check out these handmade rugs and mats that are made with durable and absorbent yarn. Easy to wash and washable in the washing machine! Not only they are functional, they are absolutely funky and modern that livens up the summer vibes with its colourful shades. If you want something cool and unique, go for the mat that glows in the dark.

$33.00 USD

$30.00 USD

$42.00 USD

5. The Kitchen Things

Kitchen is the next space after your room where you spend your time in or wanna add a fresh to your utensils? Check out these kitchen things that are sure to keep your kitchen alive!

These wine glasses are handpainted with cute illustrations that adds an adorable touch to a wine glass They are also safe in the dishwasher. If you have any designs in mind, feel free to contact the seller as it can be personalised. Perfect as gift as gifts as well.

$10.00 USD

$12.00 USD

Here, we have another handmade item, handmade cotton coasters in a set of 6. These surprisingly can be used as embellishment on your hats and as doilies too!

$12.00 USD