Amazing Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas
Posted by Shu Wen Tuesday 15 Oct 2019
Hey are you all looking forward for Thanksgiving?! Thanksgiving is known to be a great season to feast by gathering all your loved ones and friends together. Having a turkey meal is a must with delicious pumpkin pie. This season does not only serve as a family reunion but also as a time to be thankful for the blessings we have as well as the people around us. Whether you are hosting your family or as guests, check out the list of thanksgiving gifts and decor ideas that you can go for to make this thanksgiving a perfect one!

1. Thanksgiving Bunting

If you are not into decor and felt that it is more of a hassle and an extra work since you have all the preparation to do for the dinner, these thanksgiving bunting is a go-to option for a simple decor. Just simply hang them up that will literally add a feel of it right away. Or, you do not even have to do it yourself, get your husband or siblings to have it hang for you, it is so simple as that!

$25.00 USD

Check out this beautiful handmade bunting that are made from fabric and based with felt material for a firm base. Finished with a frayed hem for an added rustic touch. Tied to together with a fabric string which you can hang easily at any high or low places.

$15.00 USD

These colour combinations from the bunting will definitely add a fall touch to your home. Made with quality card stock and finished with scalloped hem. If your house is more on the minimalist side, these buntings with patterned background would be a great choice!

2. Other Fall Themed Decor

If you would like add some colours in a fun way to every corner of your house, this fall coloured felt ball garland is for you. There are easy DIYs on how to make them. But why not just grab these that will save you with lots of time!

$19.00 USD

This garland is absolutely versatile! You can move the felt balls gently with how much space in between you desire. Once it is in place, do not have to worry as the felt balls would not move on its own. And not only for thanksgiving, you can reuse them for any parties in the future. You can hang them as a single strand or layered them up as shown as the picture. Get one on your own and am sure you gonna love it!

$26.00 USD

These beautiful autumn leaves are gathered near the North Carolina and preserved using the traditional method that will retain the colours and in the years to come. Comes in a set of 100 with various types of leaves ranging from maples, poplars, cherry, sweetgum, oaks, sumac and many more. Decorate your thanksgiving parties with these autumnal leaves. Besides thanksgiving, you can use them for parties, weddings and any fall occasions.

3. Wine Glasses

If you are guests being invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, consider these wine glasses as gift as an act of gratitude to your lovely host. These wine glasses look presentable and practical for families especially during this occasion and perfect for a celebratory toast.

$29.99 USD
The autumn leaves are so pretty to the eyes that they should not be found only on the trees but can also be admired as you enjoy a sip of wine at home. These wine glasses are handpainted with quality materials and paint that makes them dishwasher safe.

$40.00 USD

These floral and leaves are creatively hand-painted where every stroke of it makes them come alive. Come in a set of 4 with two tones of floral. If you would like to have them in other colours, it can be requested and personalised. They are also dishwasher safe, however you may hand wash them gently as well to maintain the paint.

$16.00 USD

If you intend to gift a bottle of wine, pair them up together with this recyclable wine tote bag! Just slip them in and your host can reuse them. This handmade wine tote bag fit wine bottles perfectly and can be custom made and a wide selection of colours to choose from.

4. Engraved Cutting Boards

If your hosts are those who love to cook, these cutting boards would mean something to them with personalised words and names. These cutting boards are made from hardwood or bamboo. Besides being a chopping board, it can be used as a food server board for cheese platters and more!

$50.00 USD

$50.00 USD

5. Thanksgiving Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps are now a thing as a gift no matter the occasion. Firstly, they smell good. Secondly, handmade soap are known to be safer to the skin with natural ingredients and scents. If you have a handful of friends to give, these handmade soaps would be a great gift.

$3.50 USD

If you are into the theme, these thanksgiving turkey soap would be a great option. It is scented with spiced apple cider frangrance based with many types of essential oils that are perfect for smooth and glowing skin.
$14.25 USD

This handmade soap is special as it is layered and swirled with different ingredients. The base is a mix of spices to add a kick to the overall scent, followed by the middle layer that contains orange and vanilla scent and lastly finished with cinnamon scent and a sprinkle of them for a finishing touch.

$2.49 USD

For facial cleanser, go for this handmade poppy seed and cinnamon organic soap. Made with essential and beneficial ingredients that adds a glow and radiance to your skin. Keeping them hydrated and the poppy seed that gives gentle exfoliation and stimulate blood circulation.

6. Thanksgiving Gift Tags/Cards

Aside gifts, words are the most meaningful gift you could ever offer. Pair your gifts with a handmade card or stickers for a thankful note to your loved ones.

$10.00 USD

Here is a handmade card with autumn coloured leaves with a thankful note. Comes together with an envelope.

$11.00 USD

Baking some tasty treats? Finished them off with a thankful flag on top of it on this special thanksgiving occasion! Colours and quantity are customisable.
$4.80 USD

Seal your cards or envelopes with these cute thanksgiving stickers. These stickers are easy to peel, available in four sizes and quantity. If you have a specific note, text or name to be printed on the sticker, they can absolutely customise them for you!

7. Thanksgiving Shirt and Necklace
$14.99 USD

Turn the feasting mode on with this t-shirt that are perfect for families as well as friends. Comes with a modern fit for both man and woman. Pick your sizes and they are customisable too!

$10.00 USD

Being thankful and grateful is not only celebrated on this particular date but to be practiced and keep in mind on our daily lives. Here is a beautiful and meaningful quote on thanksgiving that can be worn as a necklace or a keychain.