Things To Do When You Are Bored
Posted by Krystal Lau Saturday 21 Mar 2020
Life has become so hectic that it has been increasingly hard to find a moment of free time. Be it students or working adults, both run on different hectic schedules. So when you get some free time to yourself all of a sudden, it can be easy for you to feel restless and bored due to lack of work to be done. You will either end up scrolling your social media feed or laughing at memes just to kill time. 

However, instead of sitting around and getting lost in your smartphone, there are so many productive and interesting things that you can do which are good for your body, mind and soul. So read on to discover 50 ways to kill boredom, help you pass your time, make you happy as well as accomplished in life.  

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20 Interesting Things To Do

1. Give adult colouring book a try
Colouring books are not just for kids these days as modern adults in this busy world find solace in the soothing art of colouring in. There are many books that made it to the bestseller lists such as Johanna Basford's Secret Garden Colouring Book.

These intricately designed books include therapeutic elements that are created specifically to bring benefits such as stress reduction, anxiety relief, creativity booster, brain workout and also to focus the mind. So if you have the time, bring out all your colour pencils, crayons, water colours, markers and poster colours to try your hand on adult colouring books. 

2. Dance and sing like there's no tomorrow
As our lives get busier with age, we tend to neglect the simple pleasures in life such as dancing and singing. These activities are the best way to release stress! So since you are bored, why not bring out your karaoke set for a solo performance? Put on all your favourite music and sing to your heart's desire because there's nobody watching. You can take the time to learn the lyrics of the latest songs of the year so that whenever your friends are over, you will be the first one who learned the new song.

Besides singing, you can also try your hand at dancing. It's the best way to kill time, a good workout as well as a way to exhaust yourself from being bored. All your moodiness will soon be energised because dancing is also a fantastic mood elevator. You can either blast your stereo system with your favourite songs and jump around, or take the time to learn a few steps online such as the latest dance trend on TikTok. 

3. Do some yoga and stretching
Boredom at home usually stems from being tired or lack of energy so the way to overcome this is to simply stretch your muscles through a few yoga poses. It allows more circulation in your body which gives a boost of energy and also helps to relax your muscles.

Yoga is not just physical poses, you can choose to focus on just deep breathing. It not only helps you to pass the time, but it brings health benefits and also makes you focused and relaxed where you feel you can take on the whole world. So it's time to roll out your yoga mat and give it a try!

4. Organise your phone apps
What is boredom when you finally find time to organise your cluttered phone? You can first uninstall all your unused apps first. Then you can organise your apps into folders by use, subject or even colour. An organised home screen helps you feel calmer by reducing stress and anxiety. Besides that, knowing where your apps are will increase productivity as it takes less time for you to find an app.

You will also keep only crucial apps that you frequently use, so you will have a considerate amount of knowledge on how you use the app which eases time and effort. Since you have free time on your hands, why not give this a go? Those months of anxiety inducing moments each time you look at your messy phone will finally come to an end.

5. Plan a road trip
For those who are either a travel junkie that is always hungry for an adventure or those who prefers to stay in the comforts of their home, it is important to at least give road trips a try. Yes, it is extremely easy and convenient to buy a plane ticket to your destination. However, road trips can be an exciting adventure that are undeniably awesome, fun and epic as it is not just about the experience when you are at your destination but the experience of the whole journey before reaching your destination.

When planned correctly and with the right people, road trips will bring you unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. It will also provide an opportunity for you to live in the moment and explore as well as experience the world from a different perspective. You will also have the chance to stop at small towns along the way, discover hidden gems, drive through quaint villages, visit weird museums, try out local eateries and so on. Not only that, since you will be spending 24/7 with your travel buddies, it will provide an opportunity to bond with them, get to know them deeper, understand their individual and unique personality and strengthen the relationship you have with each other. Just make sure you plan your trip properly. Draw up the cost, bring your car for servicing, lay down all the precautions and find solutions for it just in case of an emergency, download Google Maps for offline use or bring a real actual map and so on. However, don't forget to bring along all the fun and entertainment. Bring snacks, games and your travel music playlist along for the trip. Remember to also bring your camera to memorialise your experience. You can click here for 17 tips for the perfect road trip.

So why mope around at home in boredom when you can plan a memorable road trip with your besties?

6. Organise your closet
Most of our busy schedules demand time away from keeping our closet neat. We tend to get ready in a rush and randomly throw in the clothes when we are getting ready. Looking at your closet, does it look like a tornado just swept through it? So since you have spare time on hand, put it to good use and start organising your closet.

You can start by separating clothes into wanted and unwanted piles. Those unwanted clothes can be put aside first and after you're done organising, you can donate or recycle later on. You can also start by rearranging items in each individual drawers. Categorise what should go into which drawer, label them if you have to. Next, single out which clothes need to be hung up and categorise them in different sections such as dress, office tops, pants and so on. Lastly, put all your folded clothes into categorised organisation boxes so that it is easier to manage.

You can choose a small area one at a time and avoid huge cleaning projects so you won't feel intimidated and also to ensure you are able to get the job done. This project will put your time to good use, kill boredom and you will feel accomplished at the end of the day.

7. Watch TED Talk
If you haven't heard of TED Talk, go look it up! TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment, Design" which is a conference series that features highly polished and succinct speeches by any individual with the mission to inspire, challenge and be thought provoking. There are many motivational, inspirational and eye-opening videos available on their website. From science to business to global issues, you will gain deeper insights on any topics that you fancy.

So whenever boredom strikes, just sit back and watch on. It only takes less than 18 minutes or so per video and you will feel energised and inspired for the rest of the day. You can check out 10 TED Talks To Inspire Your 2020 for a head start.

8. Start your own garden
Whether you are starting a floral or vegetable patch, gardening can be daunting at first. However, with the right amount of commitment and passion, it is also very rewarding at the end. Similar to the saying that goes, "you reap what you sow".

If you have never given gardening a try, this will be the best time and opportunity for you. You will soon find it fun and worth it to get down and dirty with dirt and soil when you start harvesting your own home-grown vegetables that tastes fresh, juicy and way superior than those you get from the supermarket. Even if you plan to plant flowers, you could harvest your own bouquet. You could take the opportunity to learn some flower arrangement techniques and display them in your living room or be given as a gift. Starting your own garden could also help you to relieve your stress as well as give you a good outdoor workout under the sun where it can improve your health physically as well as mentally. Other benefits and advantages of starting your own garden is that it saves money on groceries, reduces environmental impact, food safety, be in touch with nature and so on.

But before you dive into gardening, consider a few criteria first such as sun availability so that you will know what plant is suitable to be grown. Not only that, check for space availability as well. Opposed to what most of us thought, gardening does not need a huge space to grow. Those who have limited space can consider two options which are container and vertical gardening. You must also consider how you are going to water your plant during those hot summer months. Check out this article for more information on home vegetable garden benefits and tips. 

9. Be with your pet
With our busy schedules, it becomes harder for us to remember when to slow down and put more time for important things in life such as spending quality time with your pet. Having pets around is never a bore as there are many activities you can do with them. Buy new toys and play with them, teach them a new trick with the help of treats, bring them out for an adventure, snuggle in for a movie, give them a bath and the list goes on. Not only does pets occupy your time with happy memories, choosing the right activities will also improve your quality of life and health.

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10. Learn a new language
Yes, we all know children learn languages the best but that doesn't mean adults should give up. It is never too late for you to learn a new language and it is never a disadvantage to learn them. The process will be long and hard but at least you are occupying your time with something beneficial. It is not just the benefits that comes with a new language but it also boosts your brainpower and improves your memory.

We suggest that you pick a language that you would love to get to know more and start small. The most important thing for success is centred on your commitment to work on a few vocabulary words every single day without fail. If you have a friend who actually speaks the language, practice with them as you will progress faster. Remember, the key is practice makes perfect!

11. Rearrange your furniture and decor
Sometimes boredom stems from looking at the same old arrangement of furniture and same decor everyday which might unconsciously demotivates you. So take this opportunity to change up the decor of your room or the arrangement of your furniture. You can reposition any furniture that is movable such as your desk, side tables, mirror, dressing table, clothing rack and even your bed and closet. Not just furniture but you can revamp your decor as well such as rearrange items on top of your surfaces such as coffee table and shelf, swap pillows, carpets and throws from your bedroom to your living room and many more.

This activity will not only freshen up your personal space but it will also allow you to experiment with interior designing that touches on your creativity side, as a great physical exercise as well as having some fun along the way. You will be surprised at how an act of moving furniture around can make you look at your much-used space in a new light that elevates your mood and allows a sense of achievement. 

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12. Learn to play an instrument
Learning to play an instrument does not have any certain age limit and you can definitely learn to play one even as an adult, with the right amount of commitment and passion of course. Music is undeniably food for the soul, so those who enjoy instrumental and acoustic music with the additions of having interest in learning to play an instrument, why not just go for it?

There is an infinite range of instruments for you to choose from such as the piano, guitar, drums and many more. Each instrument has its own difficulty, so weigh your options before diving into it. Learning to play an instrument brings lots of benefits! It is a satisfying way to pass your time, allows you to express your emotions, manage stress, boost creativity and also teaches you discipline and coordination. With adequate time, effort and commitment, you will be rewarded with an awesome hobby for a lifetime. 

13. Have an impromptu picnic
You look out the window and you see that it is a beautiful weather to be outside. So what do you do? Call up your friends for an impromptu picnic of course! Start with packing your picnic basket, be it chips and soda or a healthy sandwich and fruit juice, gather your friends and prep the meal together.

A picnic allows you to be out-of-doors for once instead of cooped up indoors with your smart devices. It will bring unexpected fun with your friends as you bond while soaking in the sun, beautiful scenery and fresh air. Also, don't forget to bring along some games to keep things interesting!

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14. Take tour around your own city
Have you found yourself walking around your own city with no purpose or direction in mind? Well I highly doubt so as we are usually living our daily routine where we would be busy shuffling to and fro from our workplace to meetings, schools to gatherings till we do not have time to become a tourist in our own city.

You will be surprised at how little you know about your own city and how much it can offer, interest and excites you. Granted, you might end up finding a new cafe to hangout with your friends, many new restaurants to try out or that newly discovered boutique store to check out. Besides that, you can also research about interesting historic or cultural sites that might interest you. Don't know where to start? Just walk into any motel or hotel and pick up tourist brochures. Go the extra mile and bring along your camera where you can snap pictures for memory's keepsake. You can also jot down notes into your journal just like how a normal tourist would. You can check out Apartment Therapy for fun and affordable ideas on how to be a tourist in your own city.

This exploration can be a great pastime and will keep you occupied for a while. You will also start to look at your city in a different light and also get to meet new people. But the most important of all, you will feel refreshed at the new perspective you gained about the place you lived in. 

15. Host a small party
What would be a better way to escape from boredom than hosting a small private party with a few of your closest friends? Not only can you polish your hosting skills, you can occupy your free time by excitedly sharing your plans with your friends, planning the party, setting things up, organising and having fun together. It doesn't need to cost much if you plan it small as compared to those many times that you hang out with them at clubs, pubs or eateries.

Throw in a few activities to your party that will keep things interesting such as board or card games, charades, prep a meal together, movie night with popcorn and beverages and many more. Or simply just host a girls night that includes gossips, manicures and makeovers.

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16. Give yourself a makeover
Sometimes we tend to settle for a simple beauty routine especially when we have only a short amount of time to get ready in the morning for work or school. However after a while, that beauty routine would become predictable and lacks excitement which leaves us feeling bored of our look. So take this precious free time to give yourself a makeover!

On the contrary to what you believe, it does not need to be expensive, unless you are willing to splurge. But there are many simple ways and practical techniques that you could use to maximise your look. You can give your hair a simple makeover either by changing your hairstyle and adding accessories or by going to the salon for a new haircut or hair colour. As for makeup, if you're tired of going back to the same makeup look, you can seek up new colours, shades, styles or even new makeup products to revamp your whole routine. Lacking ideas? There's a whole community of makeup gurus on Youtube that you can draw your inspiration from. Moving on, sometimes it's not just the hair or makeup, you might be bored of the clothing style that you've been wearing. Clothing trends these days changes so rapidly that we don't have time to catch up, so take this time to seek out your own unique style and incorporate it into your everyday routine. You can check out Panda Gossips for quick beauty tips for a complete makeover.

Changing up your outlook once in a while could be a refreshing change. It is something that will make you feel good or even boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, you will feel energised and motivated, ready to take on the next thing that is thrown at you. 

17. Get up to date on current events.
Put aside all those makeup tutorials and unboxing videos for a bit because now's the time where you can catch up on all of the current news properly. Instead of just reading the highlights or title of an article, take the time to scroll down and read its content. You can also watch news on the TV, read a newspaper, magazine, read them online or even blog posts.

News doesn't always need to be about the political world news as it can be anything. Ranging from the newest technological innovation, current business markets, sports, fashion, wildlife and many more, find something that interests you. Not only do you stay updated with the world, but it will also benefit you with more knowledge, opens up your mind as well as keeps you entertained. 

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18. Try your hand at DIY crafting projects
Making your own DIY crafts have lessened in popularity in the recent years as items are able to be purchased easily, be it in-store or online. However, if you have a creativity bug in you, a DIY crafts project can be the next most obvious thing for you to take on.

There are so many DIY crafts out there based on types, materials and functionality depending on your level or skill. For beginners, it can be a tricky thing to do but with all the boredom and free time, why not give it a try? First, you have to research what direction you want to head towards. For example, there are beadwork, woodworking, jewelry making, candle and soap making, paper crafting, knitting and crocheting, embroidery and many more. Each of these DIY projects have its own difficulty and hurdles to get through. Make sure you have the interest and passion to start these projects or you will end up giving up halfway as you will need to learn up skills in order to complete them. Check out The Spruce Crafts for more information. However, if you find these kinds of DIY too technical and too skilful, you can check out Nifty on BuzzFeed for many easy and clever DIY projects that take no longer than an hour to complete.

One good benefit when it comes to any DIY craft projects is that you don't need to do it alone. Invite your friends over to join you on your crafting journey. Laugh at each other's clumsy spills, admire each other's work and have a good time bonding over the same interest. Check out some of or DIY Kits below for a headstart.

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$14.00 USD

$25.00 USD

19. Watch a documentary 
Just the sound of it might bore you even more but you wouldn't know until you give it a try. There are many benefits from watching documentaries as you are up to date on current issues, innovations and so on. It is also a great way to expand your knowledge, gain deeper understanding and insights regarding the world we live in. It also keeps our brain active with processing new information to absorb and think about.

There are so many types of documentaries to choose from and you can find them all on YouTube. So pick a title or a topic that might interest you such as a topic regarding animals, nature, art, food and drink, crime, poverty, science, tourism and many more.

20. Cook a new recipe
So you have some free time to yourself and you don't want to end up being bored so why not occupy your time with a cooking project? This will be every foodie's heaven to be able to cook a new dish in hopes that you might end up liking it and incorporating it into your occasional menu. There are many recipes available online for you to choose from so find a new recipe that you have always wanted to try and get cooking! You can also choose to follow your favourite cooking channel, be the next Masterchef and imagine Gordon Ramsey tasting your food.

Sometimes cooking a new recipe brings benefits as it brings more variety to the table. It adds a spice of life instead of routined boring foods. Besides that, following the instructions on recipes helps expand your skill set in the kitchen. Not just cooking skills but the way you use certain ingredients in your dishes that might end up surprising you with their unique flavours. Furthermore, you can also impress your friends and family and serve them all your best recipes! Remember to check your home if your ingredients are still fresh and if there's enough materials as well as resources to cook your desired recipe. If need be, make a shopping run if you lack any. After that, start cooking up a storm! You can also invite your friends and family over for a taste for measure.

Check out new recipes to try out in 2020 or if you lack prowess in the kitchen, you can try out easy recipes for beginners

30 Other Things To Do

1. Get a full body massage

2. Go shopping

3. Read a book

4. Go fishing

5. Draw something (be artistic)

6. Write a blog

7. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath

8. Catch up on favourite TV series

9. Start thinking of ways to save money

10. Do laundry

11. Re-watch your favourite movies

12. Run computer backup or software update

13. Go on a hike

14. Take up photography 

15. Volunteer your time

16. Discover new music

17. Learn some keyboard shortcuts

18. Learn a magic trick

19. Do origami

20. Paint your nails

21. Sign up for a new gym class

22. Get inspiration from Pinterest

23. Attend an event you have never been to before

24. Make some flower arrangements
25. Learn how to tie a necktie and bow tie

26. Clean makeup brushes and beauty blender

27. Learn about wine

28. Write reviews online and to forums as well

29. Organise a yard sale

30. Stage a photoshoot