10 Girls You Meet in College
Posted by LuullaAdmin Tuesday 6 Jun 2017
College life isn't just about getting good grades. It's also about the network you build and expanding your social circle. You'll meet all sorts of people in college from different walks of life. Most girls claim that she's different from the other girls but they (including yourself) fit into certain stereotypes. Take a closer look and determine which category do you fit in.

1) The one who is a hardcore rebellion against her parents

Campus life is like an open gateway to freedom, far away from her parent's watchful eyes. Talk about good girl gone bad, this girl is going to go all wild like a total badass. She starts binge drinking, getting tattoos, smoking, dating total losers and basically everything else what her parents taught her not to do. Maybe she just wants a taste of the wild world or she's just a total spoilt brat. Whatever the case is, she's up for trouble. Uh-oh.

2) The one who's still in love with her high school boyfriend

Her boyfriend dumped her using long distance as the reason but she's still all hung up on him. Being her room mate, she keeps you awake all night whenever you hear her crying herself to sleep while snuggling his sweatshirt. She still keeps their prom pictures and stuck them on the wall along with the other pictures of them together in a tacky heart shape formation. On one fine fabulous girls' night out, you managed to get her tipsy enough to kiss that hottie at the bar but she comes back wailing to you " But it's not as good as -insert ex-boyfriend's name here-". That poor soul.

3) The one who's a crazy party animal

It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, this chic is always ready to partyyy! When you see her at a party at 10pm, that's just a warm up. To her, the actual fun only starts after 12am. She drinks like there's no tomorrow and guarantee to be the last to leave any party. You got to admire the amount of stamina she has being able to party from evening till dawn. Although at times, it does get worrisome. Always the live of the party and a little crazy, you can always count on this girl whenever you need a quick pick me up.

4) The one who's always prim and proper

This is the person who tries her level best to be the purest human on Earth. Miss goody two shoes fears upsetting God and she dresses like she's going to church everyday. Her faint little heart might not be able to take it when people cuss in front of her. She would never consider smoking, drinking or have any physical contact with the opposite sex beyond holding hands. She's nice but she makes you roll your eyes when she starts giving you a lecture on your "sinful" lifestyle.

5) The one who looks like a fashion girl

There's always this one girl in college who's always tip-top when it comes to fashion and up to date on the latest fashion trends. She probably gets her daily dose of fashion inspirations from various magazines and watching the most recent fashion TV shows. All her Instagram #ootd looks amazing and you always wonder how she'd manage to look so effortlessly chic all the time. It's like she doesn't even have to try. She can pull off any look and make it look like it's something straight off the runway. Even when she's just in ripped denims + slouchy sweater + messy bun with a bored expression, she still looks like model but when you try to copy her outfit, you just look...homeless.

6) The one who's extremely athletic

You're most likely to find this energetic and pumped up girl at the gym, swimming laps at the pool or jogging at the stadium. She works out like her life depends on it. Looking at her toned arms and having the hottest bikini bod, you'll hate yourself for having that one week of cheat meals. She's almost God-like and has the ability to play every sport. It's the kind of lifestyle we would want when it comes to achieving fitness goals but we complain whenever we find ourselves being dragged to the gym by girls like these.

7) The one who talks too much

When you first met her, you thought she's the kind of person who's really friendly. She's a really good conversationalist but eventually her non-stop chatter will wear you out and you just want her to shut up. She talks too much. Omg. There's no filter. You start to wonder how her boyfriend could handle listening to her talk 24/7. Also known as the Queen of Blabber, she speaks whatever that pops into her mind. If you want a certain news to be spread around like wild fire, she's the person who you can count on to broadcast it to the world.

8) The one who is too nice

She's a total sweetheart. You're finding reasons to hate her but you just can't. At a party, she stays sober to be the one who takes care of anyone who is way too drunk. She carries an extra tampon just in case anyone else needs it. She remembers everyone's birthday and takes the initiative to make them handmade cards. As it's in her nature to "fix" things including broken people, she dates the most notorious guy in campus and will transform him into someone who can barely recognise anymore. He'll say the transformation is all because of his darling girlfriend.

9) The one who is super intelligent and studies all the time

She spends most of her time at the library. Heck, she practically lives in the library! She'll stop at nothing to ensure she has the best grade in class and will not settle anything less than an A. She's a know-it-all and her IQ exceeds her weight. You and your friends make fun of her for being such a nerd. However, you would consider yourself lucky if she hires you as a janitor in her future business.

10) The one who is a spoilt rich kid

While you are struggling to manage your college living expenses, there's going to be this really posh girl who only drinks Evian water. This girl who's filthy rich have just posted a picture of her insanely expensive breakfast and her daily dose of Starbucks while you sit in your dorm and make a peanut butter sandwich because that's all you can afford. Always wearing branded clothes and using her $300 sunglasses as a hair accessory, you are going to wish you were her.

It doesn't matter which category you belong to. Just go with the flow and enjoy your college days!