10 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas and Essentials
Posted by LuullaAdmin Saturday 1 Jul 2017
It's easy to turn any small, shared dorm room into a stylish and comfortable space ideal for studying or relaxing. Here are some awesome ideas to revamp your dorm room with these refreshing dorm decor items and essentials. Hopefully you will be able to draw inspiration from these great ideas to bring the comfort of your home into the dingiest dorm room.

1. Cushion it up.

Source: Pinterest

Create a lounge atmosphere in your room with decorative throw pillows and cushions. Your room will instantly be the coolest go-to place to gather around for juicy gossips or simply to have a relaxing moment. Besides, the more pillows on your bed, the comfier!

2. Decorate the bare walls.

Since you can't decorate the plain walls with anything permanent, we have a solution for that. Try adding decals and wall stickers to the neutral walls that will add an interesting twist. When it's time to move out, you can easily remove the decals without damaging the walls.

3. Hang a hipster tapestry to dress up the walls.

If you have really strict dorm rules (that sucks) to follow and the landlords have the fear of the decals peeling the paint off the walls, you can hang up tapestry as another alternative. You're not breaking any rules this time. Plus, it's easy to take them down and you may reuse them as a bedspread as well.

4. Keep it tidy with organisers.

There's no way you can be inspired when your study space is terribly cluttered. In fact, no matter how well decorated your room is, a messy space is simply inefficient and g.r.o.s.s. You wouldn't want to make your poor room mate uncomfortable. So, keep your study desk and dresser neat and tidy with these organisers. Your items wouldn't go missing so often either.

5. Get creative with masking tape deco.

There's so much you can do with masking deco tape. They are not just use for scrap books. Here are some D.I.Y ideas you can copy.

A) You can create geometric patterns on the wall. So cool!

B) Use it on the edges of shelves. It elevates the shelves to looking more rad.

C) Tape it around magazine cut outs or pictures and there you have it: Tape picture frames.

6) Brighten your room with fairy lights.

Bring your room to life with some enchanting fairy lights. These dim fairy lights create a romantic vibe, perfect if you're constantly in the chill zone. Illuminate your room with these cute fairy lights!

7) Use clothes hook.

Don't leave your dirty laundry lying around the room. That's a little tad embarrassing if someone stumbles upon your bra on the floor. You're in college now. Act like a grown up and hook up your clothes, please. Don't settle for a boring, ordinary wall hook. Get these stylish ones. They're chic and functional. Why would you not want to get one?

8) Coordinate with your roommate on the colour scheme.

Keep your dorm room pretty and balance by discussing on the colour scheme that will not clash. You may be a classy girl who loves pink with accents of fur but your roommate hates it. The both of you don't have to match exactly but decide on a colour palette that complement each other while allowing each to express their own personality.

9) Add an artistic touch by putting up ribbon curtains or heart buntings.

Hang it on the walls above your headboard or beside your bed for an artsy twist.

10) Need more study space?

You know how some cool offices have a corner with beanbag cushions that employees can lay back while they work on their laptops? You can create a study corner like that yourself with this inflatable sofa air bag. Every student around the block will be so jealous.