20 Signs You Are Socially Awkward
Posted by LuullaAdmin Wednesday 9 Aug 2017

Everyone's had been in a socially awkward situation and it's normal.


Have you ever seen someone waving excitedly so you waved back only to realize that he or she is actually waving at the person behind you, not you.Opps... 




Look what all these people on Twitter has got to say about being socially awkward.


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Being socially awkward simply means that you have little skill in socialising, or is clumsy in the way that you do. These soft skills are not taught in school but you certainly need them. Social awkwardness may stem from shyness and anxiety in social settings. When you are feeling shy or anxious, chances are you're not thinking straight, fumbling over your words and thus, you end up embarrassing yourself. If you can related to these situations, it is most likely that you are a socially awkward person. 


 1) You make bad eye contact with people.

Making eye contact with someone is like opening up the windows to the core of your soul which makes you feel uncomfortable with people you are not familiar with. You try to focus on their nose or forehead instead.  




 2) You hate talking to your hairdresser.

Going to get a haircut is dreadful because you need to make small talk with the hairdresser just to be polite. One tactic you resort to is closing your eyes or pretending to be really engrossed in the magazine you're holding on to. 


 3) Networking events are one of your worst nightmares. 

You hate networking events because you never really know what to do. You feel pretty out of place and don't fit in most of the time. You're sticking out of the crowd like a sore thumb while everyone is chattering away and the room is full of buzz. 




 4) Your cellphone is your best friend when faced with awkward situations.

Your cellphone is definitely a friend in deed when you are in need. You pretend to be busy texting or fake phone calls to avoid conversating. Sometimes, you even create emergencies to get out of a place. 


 5) You give yourself an imaginary high-five when you have a natural conversation with a stranger.

No awkward pauses, no inapproriate responses or clumsy gestures. Yay me! *mental high-five* This calls for a celebration. 


 6) Your idea of Friyay night is to spend time alone lingering in bookstores and get lost in movies.


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 7) When you see someone you know in public, you run the opposite direction and pray they don't see you.

Avoiding people you know at the malls because you don't want fake exciment about bumping into them and having to make small talk like all the "Ohh! Fancy meeting you here. How are you?".


 8) You'd rather eat raw chicken than to summon the waiter.

To summon the waiter is one thing. To make a complain is another. You would not want to make yourself seem like a fussy customer so you rather stick to eating your chicken raw or food you are allergic to. 

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 9) Gathering up for a group photo with random people makes you cringe.

What's with these people putting their arms around you when it comes to group photos? What are you supposed to do? Do you put on a serious face or do a goofy face? Life should have a manual for this.


10) You're better at making friends with people online than in real life.

You're spending more time on the internet than interacting IRL so messaging on chat is so much less complicated. They have emojis and everything! However, you get butterflies in your stomach when your online friends suggest meeting IRL or have a video call through Skype. 


11) You feel like dying when you're called up stage to give a speech.

TOO MUCH ATTENTION. SO SELF-CONSCIOUS. What would you even say? It's the best time to embarass yourself and fumble with your words on stage in front of an audience. Gawd.


12) You try to come up with a million excuses to ditch any social party or leave early.

" I can't make it. My goldfish died and I'm having a funeral."

" I'm having PMS cramps."

" My mom said no." 


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13) Hugs are super uncomfortable.

     Hugs are so space invading. Have people heard of something call "boundaries" ? 




14) You can easily spot another socially awkward person in the room.




15) People think you're being rude and arrogant but you're really just shy.

From your reactions and body language, you would always seem indifferent or too cool for people when in actual fact, you're just socially awkward. Worse if you have RBF.


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16) You plot an escape when it comes to small talk.

You contribute to the conversation by nodding, smiling and chime in one or two words in agreement to whatever the person is saying while plotting an escape in your mind.





17) Awkward silence is killing you but you're no stranger to it.

That sheer horror when you killed the conversation flow (because it's one thing you're so talented at) followed by an awkward silence that you wish you can make it go away. Then you start asking inane questions. Wow.


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18) You'd rather put up with the pain than to excuse yourself to the toilet halfway through a meeting.

Putting an important meeting on pause by raising your hand and then make a public announcement that you need to head to the loo for your "personal business" ? Not forgetting having everyone in the whole room staring at you as you make your way to the door. No. Just no.  


19) You crack a lame joke and no one laughs.

The joke you've told is uncalled for. Sometimes, you feel like you have a sense of humour that no everyone gets it. If you're lucky, the someone else would most likely fake a giggle for you... like a sympathy giggle. 


20) You blush red and don't know how to respond when you receive compliments.

It's not that you don't like compliments. Who doesn't? You're just not sure how to respond to them. 


While having all these awkward social encounters might make you think you're the weirdest person on earth, don't let it get to you and undermine your confidence. It really isn't as bad as you think it is. Not everyone is a social butterfly. You are merely socialy inept but that does not mean it's the end of the world. However, in severe cases where social anxiety is affecting you to the extent of interfering with your ability to function on a daily basis, you might need to consult a therapist. It's okay to ask for help.