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Improving the marketplace search result. Write unique title and description for your products.

Hi, all,

As of today, our engineers had started to roll out a new set of algorithm such that to improve the search results. Our aim is to deliver the most accurate results to our buyers so that they can drive more sales to our sellers.

If you wish to rank high in our search. Please remember to do the following:

1. Write Unique Title. Describe the item as accurate as possible with 4 to 5 words and do not repeat keyword.

2. Ensure that no 2 items in your store has the same title. Ensure that other sellers aren't using similar product title as yours. Avoid using over generic product title.

3. Do not abuse tags. If you abuse tags, our algorithm will notice. For example, if your are selling a handbag, do not tag is as a dress.

4. Ensure that you have long product description and your product description is helpful for the buyers. Do not just write down the sizes and color. Describe your products and you will be rewarded.

5. Do not copy and paste your product description from one product to another. Make sure each product description is unique. At least, ensure that the first 3 sentence of your product description is unique.

In the future, we will also take into account factors such as product rating and your store rating.

We want to reward sellers that put in all the hard work to write good title and good description. Remember that the key is to make sure people can find what they search for and if you stuff so many keywords in your title, buyers will be confused and they won't buy from you.

I hope that you can start making changes to your store today and as we roll out more search improvement, we will let you know again.

The other important factor, remember, do not repeat keywords in your title. It's both bad for internal search and organic search engine.