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Seller Notification Feature launched - Recommended product price

Hi, all,

Few weeks ago, we have launched a new feature that are useful for guiding seller on what price they should set for their existing items.

For a few years, sellers kept asking us on what are the best price for a particular item that will sell well and how they should set the pricing. Now, with this new feature, you will see that under New notification, you will be notified when our system detected that you need to make adjustment for your selling price.

Our system run through 1.2 million listings on the marketplace and find the best price that sell for your products, and by adjusting your product price to the recommended price, you will have higher sale and higher conversion.

The number one reason most often that why seller cannot sell is because they try to set the price too high, or their shipping cost is too high. Always remember that if your price is too high, no one will buy from you. It is better to have lower margin than to not sell at all.

If you want to read more about this feature, you can visit one of the article that is written by our editor using the link below:

Remember that the simple and easiest formula to get more sale is just to lower your price. There is no point putting your price too high until no one want to buy from you. In addition, look at our statistic using this tool, what other sellers set doesn't matter because you cannot gauge their sale performance based on their pricing also. Follow what is recommended by the tool.

Talk to everyone again soon.