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If other sellers are getting sales and you are not, read this.

Hi, all sellers,

As some sellers have been asking us about the questions on sales over and over again, I decided I should write a forum post here.

So the most typical question we get asked is why I don't have sales but other sellers are getting sales. Or why my sales volume is lower than other sellers.

My answer to you is quite simple. If you don't have sale, it might be due to the following reasons:

1. Your product price is too expensive compare to other sellers on Luulla. Buyers compare prices, if you set your product price too high, naturally your sale is low. So, sell as low price as possible. When you received notification asking you to fix your price, just fix it. The notification is telling you that you are not able to compete with other sellers because similar items on the marketplace are selling at lower price. Buyers are looking for cheap, fast and good. You need to have any two of those criteria. Either you are cheap and fast, or you are cheap and good.

2. Your shipping cost is too high. In the world where everyone is talking about free shipping to customers, if you set your shipping cost a bit higher, it will already affect your sale. Buyers want free shipping, so like or not, either give them a very cheap default shipping or give free shipping. The worse case is when a seller put a low product price and high shipping cost, that is the worse, never do such things. But then you will tell me that shipping is not free, how about fast shipping? Use the shipping upgrade option to provide DHL, Fedex shipping and you can charge those. You give the buyer a choice, either they want normal postage or if they want expedited shipping, then they must pay.

3. You are not uploading real photos. Buyers hate it when they cannot identify if the product will resemble your product photos, and Luulla as a marketplace hate it when you simply take other people's photos and use it as yours. So what are fake photos, If you go to the internet, search for some photos and upload it as your product, you will never get sale. Use real photo. Buyers are smart They love real authentic photo, don't be lazy and take your own photo. If you want to be successful, you need to put in the effort.

4. You are too lazy to write proper product title. If you keep complaining about search result, please make sure you are writing proper product title. If you have many products or more with the same title, it is bad for your SEO and no one can help you. In your title, don't just stuff keywords, write out what your product really is.

5. You have duplicated descriptions among all your items. Your description must clearly state what you are selling. If you just copy and paste and have the same description for each of your item, your item will not rank well. People hate to read this kind of description.

6. You didn't put your item in the correct category. Some sellers just like to put their items into different category and the wrong category. They thought this will increase their sale, it is doing the opposite. Buyers are offended when they see you put a bikini in the dress category for example. So, make sure you put them in the correct category because buyer browse by category. They won't look for a bikini in the dress category. They just don't do that.

7. You didn't promote your Luulla store. If you just signed up, and then you just sit there waiting for sale to happen, it won't. In the online world, you need to put effort to promote your items in social media. You need to communicate with your customers on different social platform. Luulla is a platform for you to sell, it is not a magical wand. You need to get out there and promote your Luulla store.

8. Please make sure you have setup your PayPal account correctly on Luulla. Please also complete the credit card signup to accept credit card. Please also enable mobile payment. All these are important so that buyers can pay you. If they find you and they cannot pay you, how are you going to have sale?

So if you have done all the above, and still doesn't have sale, write in to us at and we will gladly talk to you. Before that, please make sure your product price and shipping cost is reasonable first. If you try to sell expensive, please don't write in to us. Your customer is just one click away from buying from someone else on the internet.

Seller must understand selling at lower price and getting sale is better than selling expensive and getting zero sale. The number 1 is better than the number zero.

Talk to you all next time or if you have your own opinion, comment on this thread below.


Luulla Support