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Dolls and Miniatures

Most people think that dolls and miniatures are only for children but they're not! For those whose hobby coincides with anything related to dolls and miniatures, get ready to be mind blown at Luulla's finest collection. The remarkable detailing, exceptional creativity and outstanding craftsmanship warrants money worth spending.

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TadashiKoizu.. Rain maker
TadashiKoizu.. Train in the rain.
TadashiKoizu.. Botanical Life.
TadashiKoizu.. Natural Session.
TadashiKoizu.. Risky Frisky.
TadashiKoizu.. Do not cry baby.
TadashiKoizu.. Pass me paper.
TadashiKoizu.. Swing oh Swing
TadashiKoizu.. Country Road.
TadashiKoizu.. Circus me