emerald jewelry emerald pendant emerald necklace
emerald jewelry emerald pendant eme..
emerald jewelry emerald pendant eme..
emerald jewelry emerald pendant eme..
emerald jewelry emerald pendant eme..
emerald jewelry emerald pendant eme..

emerald jewelry emerald pendant emerald necklace

emerald jewelry emerald pendant eme..

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Unique jewelry entirely handmade.

.925 Sterling silver wire wrapped pendant

Colombian emerald pendant

100% Natural Colombian Emerald

Handmade Sterling silver pendant with Colombian emerald pendant.

It is said that the stone must be in contact with the body so that the stone can take effect.

So the gem's assemblage must accomplish this.

The measure and weight of the stone is in the certificate of authenticity.

Carat total weight: 10.85

Total Size: 25.0 mm. height

(Total size not including the ring where the chain passes)

Emerald Emotional Healing Energy

Emerald is a crystal of the heart, alleviating heaviness in the emotional field and nourishing the aura with an energy of hope, encouragement, gentleness and abundance. It heals heartbreak and gives the strength needed to overcome the misfortunes of life, clearing away negative patterns of victimization and loss of personal power by strengthening the physical and emotional heart centers. It is a stone of regeneration and recovery, bringing in freshness and vitality, love and compassion - for the self as well as for others. [Ahsian, 148-149][Hall, 127]

Emerald Talismans and Amulets

As an amulet, Emerald was used to prevent epilepsy and was usually worn around the neck or in a ring. It was highly recommended by Aristotle for this purpose, and he also urged it to be hung around the necks of children to ward off this malady. [Fernie, 127][Kunz, 381][]

The ancient writings of Veda, the sacred text of Hinduism, declared Emeralds to be the “gem of good luck” and the “gem that improves one’s well-being.” Shah Jahan, one of the moguls of India that built the Taj Mahal, had sacred texts inscribed into his beloved Emeralds which he used as talismans. []

Emerald is a Seeker Energizer crystal. Seekers contain the crystal energy structure that aligns the natural energy of the crystal to the natural power of the human mind in finding the way to new horizons and new capabilities. They’re pointers, directors, and compasses; the fresh start crystals. These are talismans of the scientist, the adventurer, the hunter, wanderer, and explorer. They’re also crystals of the student and the researcher.

Energizer crystals, such as Emerald, are powerful conduit crystals for focusing and amplifying the Universal Life Force and our energy to accomplish our goals. They aid in our efforts to gain what we seek, enhance our lives, protect what we value, and defend us from undesirable elements.

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