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muzo emerald emerald raw emerald ro..
muzo emerald emerald raw emerald ro..
muzo emerald emerald raw emerald ro..
muzo emerald emerald raw emerald ro..
muzo emerald emerald raw emerald ro..
muzo emerald emerald raw emerald rough colombian emerald

muzo emerald emerald raw emerald rough colombian emerald

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    Natural emerald in the rough

    Origin: Muzo Colombia

    Weight: 92.75 cts.

    Measures: 28.72 x 21.25 x 19.27 mm.

    Esoteric meaning of the emerald

    But, like the vast majority of precious stones, the emerald is also a gem that has esoteric properties.

    To know them, we have to dig a little in the history of humanity and travel to the sacred scriptures of the Indians.

    Here we find the first references to these gems as healing and healing stones. They were related to good luck and well-being.

    In the field of crystal therapy, the meaning of emerald is related to the ability to unlock our creativity. It is usually used to increase our artistic capacity and get our inspiration to increase.

    The reason for this is that it is believed that this gem can increase the field of energy vibration of people. Therefore, it will activate all the senses and make our most creative part come to light.


    For this reason, it is very common to see that people linked to the artistic or creative world wear jewels with emeralds. What they seek is to keep their most creative part always awake and active.

    Properties of the emerald

    We continue talking about the different meanings of the emerald to, now, discover your relationship with abundance.

    This stone also has energetic properties that help us attract abundance to our life. But not only a material abundance but, also, spiritual and energetic.

    For this reason, the emerald can provide us with properties such as the following:

    Help balance the emotions: get our spirit is in a greater state of well-being, calm and stable

    Get calm completely: this property is related to its green color and vibrational capacity. Therefore, the gem will help us relax and live more calmly and peacefully

    It helps open the third eye: in many cultures, the emerald is used as a stone to reach the truth. Because it is a gem that activates our creativity and inspiration, it is also believed that it can help us activate our senses and conception of the world

    Ideal for meditation: many people use the emerald to meditate. This stone, as we have said, helps us relax and open our conscience, something that is pursued with the practice of meditation. For this reason, it is one of the most used gems when you want to achieve meditative illumination.

    Signs of the zodiac

    Besides this, you have to know that the emerald is an ideal stone for the signs of the zodiac Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Capricorn.

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