Sparkling Diamond-Cut Sterling Silver Carrie style Name Necklace

Sparkling Diamond-Cut Sterling Silv..

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Imagine how beautiful your name would look cast as a gold or silver name necklace… This magnificent personalised jewellery piece has been made popular by celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, Christina Applegate and the Sex and the City series.

Many people are enchanted by it’s originality and elegance… I don’t know what you do when you find yourself attracted to a jewellery piece but most people become aware of something beautiful about the piece that captures their attention… that’s how it starts… then you begin to notice more and more beautiful things about the jewellery piece that resonate with you deep inside… before you know it, you find yourself completely captivated by it’s charm...

And the more you look at this jewellery piece.. the more you find yourself attracted to it… you might even start picturing yourself wearing this jewellery piece and feeling like a princess…

Perhaps you can imagine yourself wearing this jewellery piece while you hang out with your friends and everyone compliments you on your exceptional sense of style…

Perhaps you can envision the way that this jewellery piece will make you radiate with prestige…

Perhaps you can imagine the way that this jewellery piece will make you look original and distinguished as you shine amongst the crowd…

You might be able to picture yourself wearing this jewellery piece and feeling sexy and alluring…

You might be able to imagine yourself wearing this jewellery piece and attracting the attention of your prince charming…

As your imagination runs wild your desire for this jewellery piece grows stronger and stronger… maybe even to the point where you can feel it burning deep inside… and you draw the conclusion that you totally want to have one of your own.

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What's in a name? There is a special connection between your name, your soul and your purpose. The story in this video is true. Celebrate who you are with name necklaces from Message on a Necklace

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Double Thickness Brushed Sterling Silver Personalised Carrie Style Name Necklace Standard Size "Carrie" Sterling Silver Style Name Necklace Small "Carrie" Style Name Necklace in Sterling Silver