Awareness Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern
Awareness Coffee Cozy Crochet Patte..
Awareness Coffee Cozy Crochet Patte..

Awareness Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern

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Awareness Coffee Cozy Crochet Patte..

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Everyone has a cause they strongly believe in... what's yours? Breast cancer? Let everyone know with this passionately displayed ribbon cozy! They crochet up quickly and barely use any yarn. Make one for everybody you know! Keeps your iced coffee cool and your hot coffee hot! Plus... they are Earth-friendly since they are re-useable!

Professionally designed pattern with photos and detailed instructions. Pattern will be EMAILED to you after payment is processed.

YES! You can make these and sell them! I would appreciate a credit/link for the pattern (so people know where to get the pattern to make the item themselves).

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I've been knitting since I was a little kid, around 5 years old. I'm delighted to share my original knitting and crochet patterns, along some handmade items. If you need a custom order, please contact..

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