Donkey Milk Soap Pure and Simple (Fragrance Free

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From ancient times to the present donkey's milk soap has been known for its extraordinary virtues. Donkey Milk is renowned for its unique properties in improving the look and feel of skin. Doneky Milk effaces wrinkles in the face, renders the skin more delicate and preserves its whiteness.

Men and women in ancient Rome used to bathe in donkey milk and water. We remember among them Poppea and also Cleopatra Queen of Egypt.

Donkey's Milk contains a huge amount of lysozyme, an enzyme that can be defined an excellent natural antibiotic. This milk also contains plenty of minerals and vitamins A,B,C,D and E. It also contains Retinol that acellerates the production of collagen which helps maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin

Donkey milk soap reduces skin irritations, it hydrates and softens skin and provides a natural anti-aging skin care. This soap is excellent for facial and body care.

Here at our farm( Fat Belly Farm) we have a small spirited herd of mini donkeys that we love dearly. Our donkeys graze on pesticide free pastures and are fed whole grains.

We make our handcrafted soap in small batches,

.Each bar weighs 3.5- 4 oz

Price is for 1 bar of soap

If there is a special scent that you would like please contact us. If we dont have it in stock it may take us 3 weeks to get to you.


100% Pure Donkey Milk, Purified Water, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, and other vegetable oils.

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About Fat Belly Farm

Here at Fat Belly Farm we have a small herd of spirited goats and mini donkeys that are part of our family. We handcraft our soaps daily using the cold process method and they are made in small batche..

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