Create 1930s Art Deco Hats Millinery Hatmaking Lessons book

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Create 1930s Art Deco Hats Milliner..

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This is a PDF book of a Millinery/Hatmaking Course offered in the 1930s.

Millinery Information from the 1930s is Rare because of the

Great Depression.

The course covers all aspects of Hatmaking.


Chapter 1--Headsize Measurements

Chapter 2--Blocks

Chapter 3--Felts

Chapter 4--Straws

Chapter 5--Sewed Braid Hats

Chapter 6--Fabric Hats

Chapter 7--Edge and Surface Finishings

Chapter 8--Patterns

Chapter 9--Renovating

Chapter 10--Trimmings

Chapter 11--Line and Design

Chapter 12--Color and Harmony

I have created this Book from my Personal Collection of

Rare books.

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owns the copyright to this revised PDF.

This publication cannot be reproduced without

permission from RumbleseatCat.

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