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Beer Soap Pale Ale scented with Cit..
Beer Soap Pale Ale scented with Cit..
Beer Soap Pale Ale scented with Citrus and Sandalwood

Beer Soap Pale Ale scented with Citrus and Sandalwood

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    Beer Soap scented with Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Sandalwood Fragrance

    This simple soap smells like the perfect brew. The smell of hops overlaid with fresh citrus and masculine sandalwood. I am hoping my husband will lay off the Drakkar already and start using this scent instead. The soap is made with Pale Ale beer from Santa Fe Brewery, and since Sandalwood is an endangered tree, this soap is made with a GOOD artificial substitute.

    All my soap is superfatted 12% which means that they will not dry out your skin but moisturize it instead. I cure my cold process bars for a minimum of 4 weeks so they will last a long time. My soap has been tested with hard desert water and they still lather up great!

    Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beer, Sustainable Organic Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocoa Butter, Fragrance, Essential Oil (Sweet Orange)

    Size: 3.6 oz. minimum

    All my products are made by hand, so no two bars are exactly alike. There may also be visual differences between batches.

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