CUDDLY CASHMERE, LW8- tan/black super soft knit snowflake womens legwarmers for boots leggings snowflake leg warmers Catherine Cole Studio

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CUDDLY CASHMERE, LW8- tan/black sup..

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Cuddly Cashmere is the perfect name for these super soft leg warmers.

The perfect compliment to tall boots, Uggs or wear with a pair of shoe boots.

Charcoal grey and burgundy knit leg warmers made of a super soft leg lovin' cashmere blend yarn. You will never take these off!

Inspired by great scandinavian snowflake ski sweaters.

tan/black color combination

one size fits most average womens legs.

16" long, will stretch to 15-16" around The tops have elastic to help keep up even better.

hand wash only

Cashmere wool blend

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