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Ebi Uh Oh Cell Charm
Ebi Uh Oh Cell Charm
Ebi Uh Oh Cell Charm

Ebi Uh Oh Cell Charm

Ebi Uh Oh Cell Charm

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This cute little charm was made by yours truly, Uh oh Ebi-poor little guy must escape the evil chop sticks of dooooom!


I can also do customs of any other Sushi not listed.

If you want EXCLUSIVITY, meaning you want your custom to be OOAK, and that I will not resell it, the price will be 15.00 in addition to the charm(though I make it free shipping then)

Otherwise, whatever idea you have that I also happen to like, I will resell for others.

*If you want a charm that is not Sushi, please message me and we'll discuss details. I will be working on Dr. Who and Avenger charms, no need to ask for those =w=

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Well firstly, I wanted to sell in cons because I spent all my time drawing for fun, for friends, and selling my art for virtual currency on Solia and other such places, just for fun, making things in ..

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