Patriotic American Elastic Hair Ties (and bracelets) Collection

Patriotic American Elastic Hair Tie..

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I personally handmade each of these gorgeous 5/8" hair ties that double as fashionable bracelets!

This collection includes:

1 Red

1 Red, White, Blue Striped

1 Blue

100% of the proceeds from these bracelets go to help pay for one of my family member's cancer treatement.

*Please note that since each of these are made by hand I would be happy to make then smaller for children or petite individuals. Headbands are also available in any color for $3 (solids) or $5 (tie dye) or $6 (prints and glitter).

*Please feel free to email me with any quesitons

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About DCTiesForACure

Hi guys, so a couple months ago a family member was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. In an effort to raise some money for the treatment, I have started making and selling hair ties and some winte..

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