Beading Tutorial Pattern Earrings - Christmas Present Holiday Jewelry - Simple Bead Patterns - Whoville Gifts Galore #10526
Beading Tutorial Pattern Earrings -..
Beading Tutorial Pattern Earrings -..
Beading Tutorial Pattern Earrings -..

Beading Tutorial Pattern Earrings - Christmas Present Holiday Jewelry - Simple Bead Patterns - Whoville Gifts Galore #10526

Beading Tutorial Pattern Earrings -..

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"Whoville Gifts Galore" Earrings Beading Tutorial #10526

This simple beading pattern, featuring over 67 high resolution photos and easy to follow step by step instructions (one photo per step), will teach you how to make these shiny, fun and festive stacks of holiday presents. Each earring (not counting the ear wire) measures nearly 1” high and .75” across at the widest part of the bottom gift. Cute in virtually any holiday color combo, these earrings are fast, fun and festive! Spread holiday cheer wherever you go with these shiny fun earrings,- part of my Whoville holiday collection (look for my Whoville Tree Earrings and necklace and Gifts Galore bracelet). Happy beading! And, Happy Holidays!

Tutorial by: Lane Landry

Recommended Materials:

- #12 long beading needle

- 6lb - 8lb FireLine

- 8/0 Miyuki Delicas x (2) colors

- 11/0 Toho seed beads x (2) colors

- 1.5mm Toho cube seed beads

- 4mm round closed jump rings

- Earwires

- Flush cutter

- Chain or flat nose pliers (to open and closed the ear wires)

* If you have any trouble finding these materials at your bead store, check out to see if we offer complete beading kits for this design. If not, contact us and request one!

How to download:

This is a digital beading tutorial in PDF format, so you can conveniently view the pattern on your computer or device and/or print it out. After purchase, the tutorial will be emailed to you within 24 hours, though usually much sooner. Instant download is not available via Luulla at this time. You can email us at if you have any questions.

© 2013 Simple Bead Patterns. All rights reserved.

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"Cara and Lane provide the most well written and photographed beading tutorials I have purchased. They make even the most complicated patterns simple!" - Pam

"This store is amazing with customer service. The store worked with me until I was able to download my tutorial. I will always use this store for my instructional needs. Not to mention, the instructions are super to use, read and understand." - Jessica

"Excellent and detailed tutorial. Very unique!!!" - Trudy

"Great tutorial. What fun I had!" - Julie

"Definitely a 5 star. The pattern is so-o-o detailed and so-o-o clear that ANYONE will be able to make a gorgeous flower the very first time with beautiful results. I love it!". - Marilyn

"Love that it is so simple. Good for beginners." - Connie

"Thank you for the very clear, and easy to follow directions! You made it painless to try something new." - Dorothy

"I love this pattern. I plan on making some in every color to match my outfits. Thanks so much for your help and wonderful service." - Donna

"The instructions are clear and concise. The photographs have such clarity. It's hard to go wrong with this pattern! I'm definitely working with them again!" - Opal

"Fabulous instructions. Leaves nothing to the imagination and gives a beautiful result. I also appreciate the explanation of what is going on with increase and decrease maneuvers so that the pattern can be more easily understood conceptually." - Tamara

"Very impressed with the quality of this tutorial, directions are excellent and lots of photos." - Kathy

"I was able to finally do a Russian spiral. The instructions are very well written and easy to understand. I would recommend this pattern and any other pattern from Simple Bead Patterns." - Sherry

"Very clear and detailed instructions. Beautiful results at the end! I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to try bead stitching. I will be ordering another tutorial soon." - Sophia

"Beautiful instructions. Very detailed and clear. Can't wait to start this project. PDF download quick and easy. Buy with confidence from this seller." - Shannon

"Great service. Clear and understandable instructions!" - Lenine

"Best tutorial yet! Top quality photos with clear instructions." - Michele

"Easy pattern instructions to follow. Already on my second bracelet. Will be purchasing more patterns." - Pam

"Beautiful pattern, well-written tutorial with clear, close-up images of each step. Thank you so much!" - Audrea

"Fabulous tutorial! So easy to understand. Already working on this bracelet. Just beautiful!" - Donna

"I'm using this pattern for some bridesmaid bracelets that I was commissioned to make and I have to say this is the easiest pattern to follow with excellent graphics and well written instruction!" - Lisa

"I love your tutorials. You always have great instructions and photos. Thanks!" - Nancy

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