Handmade Gift Set
Handmade Gift Set
Handmade Gift Set
Handmade Gift Set
Handmade Gift Set
Handmade Gift Set

Handmade Gift Set

Handmade Gift Set

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This handmade mini gift set (a bag in a box with two mini jotters). What is cute about this set is the gift bag fits perfectly inside the box with two mini jotter note pads.


- Handmade half lid origami gift box. Box is constructed with card stock to make it strong and sturdy. Measures: 4" x 4" x 2". Inner top and bottom of box are completely finished with decorative inner lining. Box is made with no fold creases. This box would be good for candy, pastries, jewelry, perfume, watch, soap, bath & body, etc.. Box comes with shredded tissue

- mini gift / favor bags. This bag is made from scratch by hand. Not store purchase or designed with any die-cut machine.

Measures: 2-1/2" across x 3-3/4" deep x 1-1/4" side width

Bag has decorative inner lining, with chain handle, and comes with tulle in the place of tissue paper. This gift bag is perfect : small jewelry such as - chain necklace, tennis bracelet, earrings, candy, small bottle of cologne / perfume.

- Two Mini Jotter Note Pads.

They are just the perfect item to have on hand when you are on the run for all those quick notes and reminders!

Great for placing on your key chain, in your car or purse.

The patterns on each cover have silver glitter which makes them really cute eye catchers.

Each jotter has 90 sheets of paper. The covers on the front and back of tablet are solid like chipboard. They have a special sealant on them to help keep them in good shape.

Mini note jotters have a book ring where it may be placed on your key chain if so desired. Also for convenience - where you may refill your jotters once the paper has run out.

They will make a wonderful gift for:

~ shower

~ wedding

~ party

~ office

~ promoting your business

~ for everyday use

Measure: 2 wide x 1-3/4 length

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