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Strawberry Kiss™ Lip Balm, super moisturizing formula, fruit flavor

Strawberry Kiss™ Lip Balm, super ..

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If you love sweet fruity flavor, Strawberry is a lipbalm that you're going to adore. Kiss™ lip balm is packed with moisturizing goodness, including shea oil, sweet almond butter, Vitamin E and castor oil. It glides on with a delicious flavor that you can taste and moisturizes dry lips into luscious puckers!

If you've tried balms that were sticky or lumpy or bumpy, you won't find that here! Mine are utterly smooth with a texture akin to famous maker products.

This sale for my one tube of my Strawberry Lip Balm. Just like it says, this balm is flavored with luscious strawberry flavor.

Balms are uncolored and each tube contains .15oz by volume and is shrinkwrapped for freshness. This is the standard lip balm tube size that you already know.

Ingredients: beeswax sweet almond butter, shea oil, castor oil, natural vitamin E, flavor

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