925 silver alphabet initial letter R pendant tanzanite 4mm round cut

925 silver alphabet initial letter..

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925 sterling silver alphabet initial letter R pendant natural tanzanite 4mm round cut gemstone – tanznaite pendant


Tanzanite gemstone size:4mm

Matel:925 sterling silver

Tanzanite gemstone shape:round cut

Tanzanite gemstone no. Pieces:1 pieces

Tanzanite quality:top quality

Gemstone cut:faceted cut

Tanzanite hardness:6.5

Clarity: vs

Tanzanite gemstone color:royal blue color

Quality:top quality

Type:natural gemstone

Gemstone clarity

Clarity explanation-, if: excellent quality free of internal inclusions., si1: some inclusions, are visible to the naked eye. Si2: inclusions, crack are easy to see with the naked eye., the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye., translucent: if goods are translucent. Opaque: if the goods are opaque., vs: good quality with very slight inclusions. Can see by naked eye. But no effect to the beauty., vvs: high quality with very very slight inclusions

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