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4mm Olivine Swarovski Crystals Padre Nuestro Bracelet

4mm Olivine Swarovski Crystals Padr..

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A cool way to wear one of the most beautiful prayers "The our father in " (Padre Nuestro). This bracelet is simply gorgeous , made with swarovski crystal olivine ab2x beads and ,4mm gold filled beads is accentuated by a gold filled medal with beautifully imprinted on spiral the words of the OUR father Prayer in Spanish.

This beautiful bracelet is strung onto sturdy elastic cord.

One size fits most.

medal size: 35mm

this makes an amazing gift for yourself or someone special

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About Decenarios Cool

Adri Sutil, CEO/owner/founder and designer is the soul of Decenarios Cool. Her designs combine traditional decenarios bracelets and macrame creations with other componets as gold, silver, or Swarovski..

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