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How To Tutorial - The Art of Making..
How To Tutorial - The Art of Making..
How To Tutorial - The Art of Making Dollhouse Miniature French Bakery Bread

How To Tutorial - The Art of Making Dollhouse Miniature French Bakery Bread

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    This online how to tutorial is especially written and created for customers who have previously bought/are interested in the miniature clay push mold for dollhouse miniature french bread.

    Have you ever wanted to give air dry clay a try, but you are not really sure where/how to start from? This online PDF tutorial will be most suitable for beginners who wish to learn to use air dry clay to create 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale french bakery bread. Dollhouse collectors who are interested in giving it a try to create their own dollhouse bakery will find this tutorial useful too!

    Follow my step by step tutorial with colored photo descriptions and instructions to achieve realistic looking dollhouse miniature french bread using painting techniques!

    Important : Please note that this is NOT a sculpting tutorial.

    This 29 page full colored PDF tutorial includes:

    - Required Tools and Tips

    - Adding Color to your Clay

    - Using the Mold

    - Making Realistic French Baguette, Melon Pan, Butter Croissant, Square Bun and Coffee Roll using painting techniques

    You will receive a PDF file 24-48 hours after you have made your payment. If I am right beside my computer after you make the payment, you will receive it pretty soon! PDF file will be sent to the email address that is tied to your luulla account.

    Please contact me if you did not receive it after 48 hours.

    You will also require Adobe Reader in order to read the file. If you do not have the software, you can download it for free at

    Miniature clay push mold for dollhouse miniature french bread can be bought here:


    Please note that the contents in this tutorial are copyrighted. No part of this tutorial may be reproduced, shared in full or partially, blogged or transmitted in any form by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical without the author’s permission.

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