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Pink Assortment 24 Gluten Free Gourmet
Pink Assortment 24 Gluten Free Gour..
Pink Assortment 24 Gluten Free Gour..

Pink Assortment 24 Gluten Free Gourmet

Pink Assortment 24 Gluten Free Gour..

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An assortment of our naturally pink marshmallow varieties.

A dozen freckled strawberry, our light pink. Real strawberries and a touch of real vanilla bean. Cute little strawberry freckles throughout.

A dozen of hibiscus, our hot pink! Hisbiscus flowers, also called jamaica where I'm from, have a beautiful tart flavor and are typically used to make a terrific, tangy tea. All of that beautiful color and flavor is packed into a marshmallow. This is made with natural hibiscus blossoms from my garden; there may be small flecks of flower petals.

All items are made fresh to order. Everything is hand made in small batches and hand cut.

This is for two dozen cubes, they measure about 1.5" on each side so they're much larger than store bought marshmallows.

All items are made on dedicated gluten free, dairy free equipment. All ingredients used are certified kosher, but please note our final products are not kosher certified. Soy is used on our equipment; if there is an allergy concern please let us know. Best possible practices are used by a licensed food handler to prevent any possible cross contamination.

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About The Realist Mermaid

All natural, gluten free and delicious! From bread to baking supplies to marshmallows - all gluten free, preservative and additive free. Growing up in a household of bakers and chefs, I was the only ..

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