Fairytale ceramic art. Wall tile with reflecting paint.
Fairytale ceramic art. Wall tile wi..
Fairytale ceramic art. Wall tile wi..
Fairytale ceramic art. Wall tile wi..
Fairytale ceramic art. Wall tile wi..

Fairytale ceramic art. Wall tile with reflecting paint.

Fairytale ceramic art. Wall tile wi..

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall...who is the fairest of them all?"

The young heroein of Brother Grimm's story is here not to be found. I was rather thinking of her poor misunderstood step-mother who surely had not an easy start into the family as a second wife. hit by a mid-life crisis and no kids of her own the turn to magical mirror and find comfort only in shallow issues of outward appearance.

So here we go: Inspired by Brothers Grimm - interpreted by LaNique Design.

White, clean and and simply fun. Wall art in wonderful smooth porcelain. Minimalistic and yet so rich. Gets smiles and compliments from everyone visiting you and believe me >people will want to touch it. An elegant and glamorous mirror frame engraved into this smooth white tile and then painted this wonderful mother of pearl paint that will reflect the light gently and remind you of a real mirror.

If you wish to have another type/font, have a look in my shop and let me know which one you like best.


A handmade white ceramic tile 9.5 x 14.5cm, 3.7 x 5.7inch.

Materials utilised

High quality cold natural white porcelain, a little bit of porcelain paint and if you will want to frame it I can offer it mount it already on a sturdy white background, because porcelain can be a bit tricky and you need a special glue. Just let me know which dimensions you need.

On picture 4 you can see how the tile looks like in an IKEA Ribba frame.


You might think that my prices are a bit high for just one tile, but please keep in mind that the price for porcelain is a different one than for paper. And unlike a paper card or poster that has been designed once and is then reproduced/reprinted by a machine, I am going back to my atelier for each tile. I will prepare the porcelain, imprint each letter and the design by hand and after drying polish, paint and polish again....all manually. The product you will receive is handmade with love from start to finish.

Production method

From start to beginning 100%handmade with love.

Customisation options

This can be recreated in different sizes or different words. And naturally the dress code of your Matryoshka can be change to whatever colors you want her to wear.

I am sure I can make just the thing for you>>>just leave me a message!


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....DEAR FELLOW ARTIST: It is nice you are stopping by. I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy my work as much I do yours. I am glad if you like my ideas, but please stay fair and step back from copying. Just like you I am putting a lot of effort and time into my creations in hope people value my work. THANK YOU!

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