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About Pom Graphic Design and Fine Arts

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My World, My Mind, My Inner Soul

I was raised in Peru, now live in the US.

Living in a country with such a rich culture is where it all began.

I had this desire for travel and adventure since i was very little, and once I set foot in my first mystical trip, I started to feel the connection between the harmony in nature and the art within it, so then is when I decided to manifest it in my work.

I communicate my art through oil & acrylic paintings, drawings in pencil or rapidograph, and in 2003 I took the step to take it digital as I achieved my career as a Graphic Designer.

My art focuses on natural elements in all its force. You can see many organic and geometrical shapes in each piece. I communicate life, energy and forces of nature through my art. I chose to paint in oils and acrylics and do illustrations in pencil, charcoal and rapidograph pen.

My work is a mix of handmade and mixed media, with a combination of vibrant colors, organic shapes and of course elements of nature, which are my number one inspiration.

I also get my inspiration from different cultures and art movements. For example, some of my work has certain influence from my Inca culture, and native icons. These influences are not only from nature elements, but from animal elements as well. My art also has some Egyptian influences. An art movement that inspires some of my work is Art Nouveau, especially the organic shapes and fluidity that you will observe in my art.

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