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Luulla Prohibited Items Policy
Luulla provides a marketplace for individuals, small businesses to buy and sell online. Most stores belong to individual, however, a group can run a Luulla store together. As a seller, you are allowed to use outside manufacturers to help produce the goods sold, provided that the items listed on your online store does not infringe copyright or trademark of other companies and brands.

Luulla takes into consideration of marketplace integrity in a very serious manner. As a seller on the marketplace, you are required to comply to the terms of services and ensure that your items are not listed in the prohibited items list. If a seller upload items that is in the prohibited items list, the admin of the site reserves the right to close the seller's online store on Luulla and refuse to provide service to the user or seller.
Items not Allowed

1. Items that contain logo or brand name of other companies. As an example, if a seller sells Iphone Case or T-shirts, the seller shall not use or print the logo, brand name that infringes the copyright of other brand or companies.

2. Items that are counterfeit or is a replica of other brands.

3. Iphone case design and artwork that are not designed by the seller. Using artwork or graphics by other designers as your own without permission is a violation of copyright and trademark law and is strictly prohibited.

4. Downloaded PDF pattern that the seller has obtained from magazine or online that is not created by the seller.

5. Items that use celebrities photos as an endorsement to the seller's product.

6. Mentioning the name of other brand in the product title, description or product tags.

7. Items that use the name or character of cartoon or animation movies, music bands or famous celebrities

8. Items that infringe the design of designer brands or uses the trademark of other brands or companies.
Prohibited Items List

The following type of items are strictly prohibited and is not allowed to be sold or listed on the marketplace.

1. Illegal and potentially illegal products or services.

2. Adult Entertainment or items containing Adult content.

3. Firearms, Ammunition, or any type of weapons.

4. Tobacoo Products, Smoking Mixtures or Tobacco Substitutes

5. Prescription Drugs, Controlled Substances, Unapproved Drugs, Unapproved Medical Devices

6. Financial Services or Advices including but not limited to Counseling, Repair Services, Money transfer services.

7. Intangible items such as Technical support and advices.

8. Psychic or astrological readings and consultation.

9. Replica or unlicensed branded goods.

10. Multi level marketing companies or goods sold by multi level companies.

11. Infomercial sellers.

12. Selling items that promote hatred, racism, or contains religious elements.

13. Selling of Police and other government identification and equipments.

14. Selling Get Rick Quick schemes or membership or programs

15. Selling items in the category of pesudo pharmaceuticals such as anti aging pills, sex nutrients, etc.

16. Selling legal services or advices

17. Selling phone unlocking / jailbreaking , modification chips or unlock codes.
Contacting Luulla

If you have any questions, complaints with respect to the issue of copyright and trademark infringement or if you have found any seller that violates Luulla prohibited items policy, you may contact us at Our support team will respond to your email within 48 hours time.

Designated Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement:

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