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Luulla Seller Guidelines and Refund Policy
Luulla is a marketplace where buyers and sellers around the world connect to buy and sell unique products. The sellers on Luulla should follow the basic principles of trust, identity, responsibility and transparency. Each Luulla store has their own store policies, shipment methods and fulfillment methods, and the sellers' store policies should be filled up by the sellers upon setting up their online stores and these policies should be stated clearly on the seller store policies page when the seller first sign up to sell.

Honesty and transparency are two of the most important principles to Luulla and our community. Each seller on the site must represent themselves, their business and their items accurately. In addition to the refund policies as stated in the seller's store policies page, each Luulla seller must comply to the standard refund policies and selling guidelines as states in this page.

At times, Luulla admin or community team members may reach out to the seller if we receive report from buyers indicating that the seller does not comply to the refund and selling guidelines and we will provide advices and steps for the seller to comply with our rules. In the case if a seller refuse to comply or if a seller did not respond to the Luulla notification of violation within 2 days time, Luulla admin reserves the right to close the seller's store that violates these guidelines and policies.
Provide Great Customer Service to the Buyer

Great customer service helps seller to build good reputation, repeating customers and allow your store and business to prosper in the long run. When a buyer promotes and recommends your business or products to his or her friend, it allows your customer base and sales to grow. Trust, transparency and marketplace integrity are the most important elements for Luulla. Each seller on Luulla must comply to Luulla's standard of customer service policies as stated below.

1. Honor your shipping and processing time as stated in your store policies.

2. Respond to the buyer's private message or emails in a timely manner.

3. During any dispute, respond to the email from Luulla admin within 24 hours time.

4. If a buyer request for a sale cancellation, and if the item has yet been shipped, the seller is required to perform a full refund to the buyer.

5. If the seller is not able to fulfill an order, the seller must notify the buyer, mark the invoice page as Canceled, and provide a full refund to the buyer.

6. When a seller make a sale, the seller is required to update the invoice to Processing Order within 24 hours time. Seller is also required to inform the buyer the time required to process the order while marking the invoice as Processing Order.

7. The processing time required for each sale shall not exceed the maximum of 3 days time from the date of transaction.

8. The seller is required to ship the item for each sale within 3 days time from the date of transaction. Upon shipping the item, the seller is required to update the status of the invoice to Shipped and provide a valid tracking number and tracking URL.

9. If a buyer filed a dispute against the seller with the reason of non delivery or item not as described, and if the buyer fulfill the egilibility of obtaining a refund as stated in the Egilibility of Refund section, the seller is required to perform a full refund to the buyer within 24 hours time.

10. For domestic shipment, the shipment timeframe shall not exceed the maximum of 20 days. For international shipment, the shipment timeframe shall not exceed a maximum of 35 days. To prevent buyer from filing a dispute, we encourage sellers to use fast shipment method and ensure that the shipment method used provide accurate tracking and predictable shipment timeframe.
Promote Transparency to the Buyer

Transparency and honesty are two important principles that help to build trust between sellers and buyers. As a seller on Luulla marketplace, it is important that you represent yourself, your business and your product and services accurately.Each seller on Luulla is required to follow the standard set of guidelines as listed below to promote transparency and authenticity of your business.

1. You must provide your store name accurately. Sellers are not allowed to change store name or use brand or trademark belonging to other companies as their own store name.

2. If you choose to upload a profile photo, the profile photo must represent yourself. You are not allowed to use profile photos belonging to others or frequently change profile photo as such act will confuse the buyers and decreases the credibility of your business.

3. Do not use your store's features such as your store name, store description to direct transaction off of Luulla.

4. Do not use the private message system to encourage or direct buyer to perform transaction through manual invoicing or to direct transaction off of Luulla. If a buyer filed a dispute regarding an off site transaction that was performed by your store, and upon investigation if Luulla admin found that such incident did occur, the seller's store will be closed.

5. Do not sell prohibited, counterfeit or replica items.

6. Items must be accurately represented in the product listing title, description and photos. Do not intentionally mislead buyers with inaccurate or misrepresented product title, description, price, shipping cost or product photos. Buyers expect to receive items as described in the seller listing and providing an inaccurate listing will normally lead to buyer filing a dispute after receiving the goods.

7. When the buyer request for information about the product item, do provide the buyer with an accurate description of the item, materials used and the best estimation regarding the shipment timeframe.

8. If the seller choose to upload a store avatar or store banner, the avatar or banner must represent your business or your brand. You are not allowed to use store avatar or banner that includes wording, graphics, slogan or texts that infringes the copyright or trademark of other companies or brands.

9. As a seller, you must not use fake identity or impersonate another individual by using fake information in your profile or store page. If you violate this guideline and if your store or profile is reported to Luulla admin, Luulla reserves the right to suspend your seller account and your profile.

10.You must fulfill all your orders and ship the item to the destination as provided in the invoice page. If a seller closes her store before shipping all her orders, the seller will be permanently suspended from using our service.

11. During any transaction dispute, the seller must comply to Luulla refund policies, the seller must respond to all dispute emails in a timely manner, and respond to the buyer's conversation or emails within 24 hours time.
Buyer Eligibility for Dispute

Before filing a dispute or report to Luulla regarding a purchase or transaction, the buyer must first attempt to contact the seller through private message on Luulla. If the buyer had previously contacted the seller through email, the buyer must provide such emails to Luulla admin such that Luulla admin is aware of the previous conversations that the buyer had with the seller.

All transaction disputes must be filed within 45 days from the date of transaction or the dispute will be denied.

The eligibility for a buyer to open a dispute is based on order processing time, shipping time and the types of cases as listed below. A buyer is eligible for filing a dispute if one or more of the conditions below are fulfilled.

1. The processing time for a transaction exceeds the period of 14 days time. The processing time is the length of time between when an item is ordered and when it ships. If the seller has not mark an invoice as Shipped after 14 days from the date of transaction, the buyer is eligible to file a buyer dispute through Luulla.

2. The shipment timeframe exceeds a period of 20 days for domestic shipment or 35 days for international shipment. The shipment timeframe is calculated based on date the invoice is marked as shipped to the date that the buyer file a Luulla dispute.

3. A non delivery occurs when a buyer completed a purchase on Luulla and have submitted payment, and the seller did not mark the invoice as shipped, and the item is not received after 35 days from the date of transaction.

4. The item received is not as described. This is the case when the received item is substantially different than described in the product photos, title or description. Examples include incorrect sizes, colors, incorrect material or missing parts.

5. If the seller shipped an item without a valid tracking number, the seller must provide a full refund to the buyer in the case if the buyer did not receive the item within 25 days from the date of transaction.

6. If a buyer wish to open a case against the seller for the reason Item Not As Described, the buyer has up to a maximum of 5 days from the date of receiving the item to contact Luulla to open a buyer dispute. Exceeding 5 days, the requested dispute by the buyer will be declined.

7. For an item to be eligible for return and refund, the item must be unworn and unwashed. The item must have all tags attached. Hair accessories, opend makeup, earrings, ear cuffs, panties and bodysuits cannot be returned. All footwear must include the original shoebox in original conditions. All swimwear returns must have hygiene liners still intact.

8. If the item shipped is as described based on the size chart provided in the product detail page, and if the buyer wish to perform an exchange, the buyer will need to pay for the return shipment cost.

9. The buyer must first contact Luulla admin for return shipment address if the seller does not provide a return address in the store policies page. If the buyer shipped back the item without informing the seller or the marketplace admin, the Luulla admin reserves the right to decline the refund request.
Requesting Refund from Seller

Before escalating an issue, we encourage that the buyer attempt to resolve the problem regarding a particular purchase with the seller through Luulla private messaging system. On Luulla, sellers run their online store individually and frequently checked their Luulla inbox.

Most of the time, the seller will reply to the buyer's message, and work with the buyer to resolve a particular problem that the buyer is facing with a particular purchase. If the buyer is not able to reach the seller both through email and private message, the buyer may file a complain by sending us an email to, and if the buyer's case is eligible for a Luulla dispute, Luulla admin will assist you in further escalating the matter.

The steps for filing a buyer dispute and for requesting for a seller refund is as below.

1. Buyer send an email to Luulla to the email address . In the email, buyer states the problem that they are facing, and provides Luulla admin with the invoice number. If the buyer is filing an incident related to item received not as described, the buyer is required to describe the difference between the received items and also provide photos of the item received such that Luulla admin can verify the buyer's claims.

2. Luulla admin assists the buyer by escalating and informing the seller about this incident through email.

3. The seller will be given a timeframe of 24 hours to reply to the incident and provide evidence to counter the buyer's claims. If the incident is related to non shipment, the seller must provide the buyer with a valid tracking number to prove that the item has been shipped to the buyer.

4. If the seller reply with sufficient evidence, Luulla admin will assist in reaching a resolution between a buyer and the seller. This includes reviewing the seller's store policies to check if the seller has conducted her business as stated in her store policies. If the seller does not have any store policies, or if the incident is not covered by the seller's store policies, Luulla has the right to request the seller to issue a refund to the buyer if Luulla admin found the buyer's report and claims to be valid and fall under the one or more criteria as stated in the Buyer Eligibility for Dispute section in this page. Luulla admin also reserves the right to request the seller to issue a refund in the case if Luulla admin found the buyer's claim to be valid, or if we have found the seller to be dishonest, fraudalent or if the seller has a high complain rate for her store.

5. If the seller does not reply to the Luulla dispute email, the Luulla may choose to send a second escalation email to the seller or choose to temporary limit the seller's store or permanently suspend the seller's store and Luulla account.

6. If the seller does not reply to the Luulla dispute email, or if a resolution cannot be reached between the buyer and the seller, Luulla will provide the buyer with the seller's PayPal information and steps for the buyer to escalate the issue to PayPal.

7. Once the case is escalated to PayPal, PayPal will further investigate the matter and decides if the buyer will be issued a refund for the transaction through PayPal. If the buyer paid via PayPal or checkout using credit card using PayPal, Luulla is not able to refund PayPal payments. Luulla will not be able to file any PayPal dispute on behalf of the buyer, and Luulla will have no influence towards the policies and decisions by PayPal applied towards the case. Luulla admin's role in the escalation is to provide the buyer with the steps and seller's PayPal information such that the buyer has sufficient information for filing the dispute through PayPal website.

8. If at the time of filing a PayPal buyer dispute, the case has exceeded 45 days from the date of transaction, the fund will not be able to be recovered through PayPal and Luulla. However, if we have found the buyer's case to be valid, Luulla will proceed to shut down the seller's store and permanently suspend the seller from using our service in the future.
Receiving a Returned Item from Buyer and Refunding to Buyer

Ocassionally, When a buyer received an item that doesn't match the listing description, damaged or if the item arrived late, the buyer may return the item to the seller and the seller shall refund the buyer in full within 2 days time upon receiving the return shipment tracking number.

In the event of a full refund, the seller shall refund the amount that matches the amount stated in the Luulla transaction invoice page. The seller is not allowed to perform a partial refund if the item is already shipped back to the seller by the buyer. The seller is not allowed to deduct Luulla transaction fee or the shipping cost from the refund amount. In addition, the seller is not allowed to charge any form of additional fees for handling of the refund. In the case if the seller's store policies conflict with Luulla refund policies, Luulla refund policies shall supercedes the seller's store policies.

Buyers have a period of 3 days from the date of delivery within which they can request for a return and refund. If the seller did not specify their return policies, the buyer has up to 7 days time from the date of delivery within they can request for a return and refund. If the seller has stated the return timeframe clause in the seller's policies page, the timeframe must be a minimum of 7 days from the date of delivery. If the return timeframe stated by the seller is shorter than 7 days, the seller's clause shall not be valid and shall be superceded by Luulla return timeframe.

The steps below provide the guidelines that each buyer and seller must follow in order to obtain a refund for returned items.

1. The buyer need to contact the seller by email informing the seller that the buyer wish to return the item to the seller and wish to obtain a full retund for the item.

2. The seller need to provide the buyer with the seller's full return address, the seller's name and additional information that is needed for return shipment.

3. The buyer will perform shipment to return the item to the seller based on the return address provided. The return shipment must include a valid return tracking number.

4. The buyer is required to pay return shipping, except for situation where the Luulla admin agrees that the seller should cover the return shipping cost.

5. After the item has been shipped back to the seller with a valid tracking number, the buyer will need to inform the seller and Luulla admin by email notifying that the item has been shipped back and the return tracking number is to be provided to the seller and Luulla.

6. Upon verifying that the return shipping code is valid and the item has been shipped back by the buyer, the seller must issue a full refund to the buyer within 1 day time.

7. The full refund from the seller to the buyer shall be issued through PayPal. After issuing the refund, the seller must send an email to the buyer providing the buyer and Luulla with the refund details and the PayPal unique refund ID.

8. Upon Luulla verifying that the buyer has received a full refund from the seller, the case will be closed.