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I've been knitting since I was a little kid, around 5 years old. I'm delighted to share my original knitting and crochet patterns, along some handmade items. If..
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Never received the pattern or link to download the PDF. Contacted support and the seller and have received no reply. This is FAKE, do not buy!!
Reviewed by Victoria Glazer on February 12, 2021
Perfect Pumpkin Hat (Sportweight Yarn) Knitting Pattern
No product was sent to me. Still waiting for a reply. Probably will need to report. Fingers crossed I get my money back.
Reviewed by Patrick Rodgerson on January 18, 2020
Sock Monkey Slippers for Men and Women
Purchased this item and seller took 2 days to email me the pattern which I needed right away and I emailed her about refunded it as she clearly wasn’t sending it right away. Purchased it from her Ravelry site which had instant download. So this seller made double the profit from me. Clearly not a woman of integrity and and never bothered to respond to my email for a refund send June 27th... emailed me the pattern June 29th Would not recommend buying from this person.
Reviewed by Adrianne Inglis on July 6, 2019
JAWS Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern
Cannot download instructions or link to pdf file
Reviewed by Patricia Lapinski on April 23, 2019
Boston Terrier Coffee Cozy Crochet Pattern
I hope this is a mistake but I have paid and I did not receive the pattern.
Reviewed by Lytle, Lisa on February 11, 2019
Teddy Bear Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
I Still Haven't received it !!!!!
Reviewed by Petersen Keri on December 2, 2018
Bunny Rabbit Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
Pattern is poorly written. Seller is not responding to questions.
Reviewed by Marjorie J Green on March 14, 2018
Sock Monkey Instant Pot Cover Crochet Pattern
I have not received my pattern as of today. Where do I find it
Reviewed by Donna Bolyard on February 19, 2018
Owl Instant Pot Cover - Crochet Pattern
Did not get the kink ro 4he pattern
Reviewed by Hanna Heller on December 20, 2017
Super Easy Hooded Scarf Knitting Pattern
This was supposed to be a digital download. I believe that I was scammed on this purchase. Please contact me immediately so this can be straightened out
Reviewed by Anderson David on July 5, 2017
Frog Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
I have not received an email with pattern , I have emailed seller 4 times with no response.
Reviewed by Barbara Shepherd on May 4, 2017
Bunny Rabbit Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
Have not received pdf file for this pattern that I paid 5 dollars for I have emailed and done eberuth in ng possible I need my pattern
Reviewed by Tammy McCrone on March 29, 2017
Night Skulls Coffee Cozy Pattern
I ordered this item on 16/01/2017, as it is a pattern I thought it would have been sent as a pdf by email? Somehow the order was listed as quantity 2 this is obviously incorrect as I only need 1 pattern !!! Can you please sort this? regards D Dodd
Reviewed by Daphne Dodd on January 19, 2017
Elephant Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
Refund request ignored. No response to conversation.
Reviewed by Joy K Adams on December 16, 2016
Classic Stripes Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern
Where is my purchase? It has not yet arrived.
Reviewed by patricia biczo on December 27, 2016
Favorite Cuffed Slippers for the Family Knitting Pattern
I never received pattern
Reviewed by Barbara Ball on March 1, 2016
Teddy Bear Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
My understanding is this is a PDF. Where do I get it?
Reviewed by Denise_1447 on November 8, 2015
Sock Monkey Booties for Adults Knitting Pattern
It said it would be emailed and I haven't received it yet very frustrated. I've emailed twice no response.
Reviewed by Kelly Gunn on September 30, 2015
Sock Monkey Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
Website is so confusing pattern supposed to be emailed haven't received it yet or else o can't find where I'm supposed to download usually patterns are instant download on other sites emailed seller unsure if message received because no response very frustrating wanted to start working on this project will not use this site again and I guess I will look for a similar pattern elsewhere
Reviewed by Tanya Frerichs on August 31, 2015
Fox Baby Booties Knitting Pattern
Very disappointed and frustrated. Cannot locate the pattern which is paid. Doubt I will ever purchase from this store again.
Reviewed by MJ Flaxington on July 24, 2015
Sock Monkey Christmas Ornament