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I have always been an artistic person at heart, I am inspired by people and the things , places that surround me. I feel that if you can take an idea and do som..
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Buyer beware! I purchased this octopus cake topper for my sons birthday and it arrived with all of the legs broken off 4 days before the event. I contacted the owner and she said that I would be able to fix it easily. I told her that I should not have to do that. She stated that I could have a full refund if I shipped the product back to her before the event. She received the product on October 10 and I received my refund on October 31. When I received the refund it was $1.82 less than the full amount because paypal charged a fee. She did not offer to pay the $12.35 return shipping on a product that was poorly packaged and verified by the post office of the poor packing. I would be weary of a purchase from Belicias cupcakes!
Reviewed by on November 1, 2013
Fondant Octopus Cake Topper & Oyster Shell Pearl quot; Under The Sea Theme"