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Camille Chung

♥ Welcome to my shop ♥ I offer professional creative branding solutions as well as web (including e-commerce sites) and blog design services to artists, ind..
Accepted payment methods:

I accept PayPal and credit cards. Payment is always due in full upfront before any work begins.


Final files will be send to you via email to avoid unecessary shipping costs.


1. If you wish to receive a full refund please request this before you receive your first round of proofs. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your order within 48 hrs. after your purchase. After that a retainer of 40 USD will be applied for the time already blocked for your project. As I receive a high number of requests it is important that I schedule my work ahead of time accordingly.

2. After the first round of proofs the following cancellation fees apply:

- 90 USD after the first round

- 120 USD after the second round

- 150 USD after the third round

- 180 USD after the fourth round

- 200 USD after the fifth round


3. Refunds for other custom design work (non branding projects) will be decided on a per project basis. However there will be a minimal cancellation fee of 40 USD that will be applied towards the time already spend working on your project and for the time blocked for your project.

4. For website, blog or e-commerce projects cancellations can be requested before the programming starts. In this case one third of the agreed amount will be be retained due to the time already spend on your project. Once the design has been approved and the programming has started no further cancellations are possible due to the nature of the work involved.

5. If I don't hear from you back within 3 months or longer and my design fee changes, my new fees will apply and I will send you an invoice for the balance. By paying the balance you will get back on my schedule and may continue your project.

6. By purchasing a listing from me, you agree to these terms and conditions.


I am happy to incorporate any digital material, images, logo, graphics etc. supplied by you as long as you are the rightful copyright holder or have been given written permission by the copyright holder or have licensed the file accordingly. By purchasing a listing from me you agree to these terms and conditions.

Also, please do not ask me to copy someone elses work. I have refused this in the past and will refuse it in the future. You may provide images or links as an inspiration but as we are creating your brand I am sure you want to ensure that you are getting a unique design that represents you and your product/service in a unique and distinct way.

Please note, that the color you see on the screen may slightly differ to the actual printout result.

All unselected concepts remain the property of Camille Chung. It is prohibited to use or copy any of the unselected concepts presented to you.

I furthermore reserve the right to display any samples of my work in my shop.