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Born and raised on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, Ranae moved to Toronto at age 17 where she was scouted by a Modelling agency.

After 5 years of blending into the sea of high fashion models of similar height, weight and stature, Ranae was yearning to find her own uniqueness, wanting to exist to be more than merely a hanger. After working in the fast paced, glitzy world of high fashion, she returned to her quieter artistic roots, this time trading painting and fine arts for jewellery making.

A belief that women are complex beings, of multiple facades, has influenced her designs. "Women can be both bold and fearless yet soft and sensual, all at the same time. Being loud is not a necessity for making a statement. My jewellery collection is inspired by the minimalism of Paris, the ferocity of New York and the sensuality of Trinidadian carnival; my mixed African, East Indian and Hispanic heritage; and most of all women, like my Mother and Grandmother and all those before them; the strong, the soft and the in-between."

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