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Norma’s Bath and Body…Norma’s Bath and Body Started Making Bath soaps and More Back in 2004. And Ship all over the US! I am also by the way Norma Mcelroy ..
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Opened on Feb 8, 2012
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About normasbathandbody

Norma’s Bath and Body…

Norma’s Bath and Body Started Making Bath soaps and More Back in 2004. And Ship all over the US! I am also by the way Norma Mcelroy from Elizabethtown, Ky. The owner and operator. I am

and I’m just trying to get my products out there.

I Know that you’re not here by Accident, and that you are looking for ways to Keep the Daily Stress at Bay. If not for yourself, you’re shopping for Luscious and addictive bath and body products for someone to give as nice gifts all year longJ

Whatever your decision, I know for a fact that you will love the feel, smell and look of these handmade products that will silken and moisturize your skin with oils like coconut oils, olive oils and shea butter.

You’ll absolutely love my best selling product which is the goats milk glycerin soap. Thick n’ creamy in the lather.

If you need anything unscented, I can provide that!

>>> If you’re looking to Wholesale. I do provide these services with a 100.00 minimum order. Email me for a wholesale pricing list to me below:

Tell us a bit about yourself and normasbathandbody ?
Hello! My name is Norma and I make Bath products. Norma's Bath and Body was born on Feb 2004. I make bath and body products that you'll want to eat and it silkens the skin. I ship all over the US and Globally too! It's the Body bakery..
How did you get started in doing what you do? How long have you been creating?
I had a car accident back in that put me out of work so I decided to make other crafts before I slid into making soap, lotions etc for family and friends and then selling online! I've been making bath and body products since 2004 and loving it:O)
Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from other crafters! and I believe in doing your absolute best in whatever that we do for a living. work super hard and it will pay off. Don't let negative people derail you. be even more determined to make it.reach not just for the sky, but for the moon! anything, and everything is possible with God. ~Norma's Bath and Body
What was your first creation? Do you have a favourite?
One of my first creation was making soaps that was a absolute mess in 2004! lol and secondly it was my kids car soaps. you know the soaps where it's clear and you can see the car toys inside. that was a hit. I absolutely love making Cupcake soaps. it's the best part of my job!
What have you created recently?
Well I have created some body powder that I've yet to list and sell. many ladies I've heard love it and I use it myself like lavender and peppermint. LOVE IT. Also I've made some soaps, and lotions and recently I got a custom order for some soap sickles. they are a hit with the kids and with the adults too! I'm always looking for something new to make as I get bored with the same thing for very long. and it keeps my customers excited too. I plan to make me a Neapolitan cupcake soap in the future!
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